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Halani Lobdell

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Halani Lobdell



BRINGS A NEW MEANING TO HOT – This Brooklyn Born, Atlanta raised Mom, Wife, Battalion Chief and Entrepreneur has been putting out fires for her job and in her personal life more for than a decade.


“Choose your dreams or end up working for someone who chased theirs.”

My life started out in Brooklyn, New York, where I was raised by both of my parents and my two older sisters, who are twins. My family ended up moving to Atlanta, Georgia when my maternal grandfather became ill. I always considered myself an athletic person. I ran track from the age of 9 until I was around 15 years old. While in high school, I danced and joined the drill team. My parents did well financially, but our family dynamic was strained and somewhere my parents fell out of love with each other and divorced when I was 16 years old. Determined not to let that keep me down, I graduated high school at the top of my class and went on to attend Georgia State University for two years.

Due to my childhood, I was not much of a dreamer. I never knew what my calling was, all I knew was that I hated jobs where I had to sit behind a desk. I loved excitement and considered myself quite adventurous. Initially, the direction I started going towards career- wise was to practice sports medicine, but then one I came home and my mother mentioned that applications were being accepted for one of our local fire departments. I applied with no knowledge of what I was getting myself into and seventeen years later I’m a Battalion Chief and still in love with my profession.

I began my fitness career as I trained for my Physical Agility Test with the fire department, but never took it seriously, to me it was just part of the job. I knew from my training that I needed extra strength to accomplish the tasks of my career, so along with building muscle, it also helped with my weight loss from the birth of my second child. My love for fitness grew and I began contemplating training for a body building competition.

Unsure, I backed out several times before finally competing in my first show in November 2014. That was it, I was hooked after that and went on to compete in six more shows. My husband, in support of my competitions, began training with me and that birthed his own interest for the sport of fitness and body building as well. Between both our love for fitness and competing in these body building competitions, led to us contemplating going into business in 2016 and then eventually opening our own gym in January 2018. We currently have one of the most successful gyms in Atlanta called “The Loft Athletic Club.”

I teach a class each Saturday morning at 10:00a.m. called Glute Camp and it is one of the largest female-instructed classes in Atlanta.

With me retiring from the fire department in a few years, fitness will always be a part of my life and we will continue to expand and adapt to new innovations and continue helping changing lives.

“Don’t let your current situation become your final destination.”

My mom is my biggest and only influencer in my career choice. If she did not bring it up, I probably would have never considered applying for the fire department. I owe a lot to her.

Mom, I know I tell you, but let me take this opportunity to say a big “THANK YOU!”

My advice to others would be to align yourselves with pioneers in the industry you are striving for and learn it, even if you need to self-teach yourself. Never be too prideful to ask questions and be humble enough to accept that what you thought was right for you, sometimes isn’t. Sometimes our plans are not God’s plans. I do believe there is something out here for everyone, but it has got to be a good fit and not forced. Remember, in order to succeed in what you do, make sure you love it.

As I stated earlier, my mom is the reason I am who I am today, but I also want to give credit to a great partner and husband, as well. With working in a field that is very competitive, on occasion bias and very scrupulous, I just know that I maintain myself by answering to a higher power. Only God can judge me. He sees everything! It’s not always easy, but that itself is enough for me to maintain my integrity and morals.

“Be yourself…Everyone else is already taken.”

Look at me – I am a little girl from Brooklyn who is now a woman living in Atlanta and proudly holding the title of Battalion Chief. Yes, we can! I’m a Powerhouse, because I’m literally a Superwoman. I balance my marriage, my children, my demanding and sometimes stressful career as a Battalion Chief. I have a gym, an online program, trucking company and I also flip houses. Listen, my life is on the go, all day, every day. I balance it all. I’m successful with my endeavors, because they are all things I love to do. I make sure to mentor and give back to my community.

Again, I can do all things with the Most-High Jehovah, my loving and supportive husband and my children! I want my children to see their mom doing major things and to know there are no limits, unless you set those limitations for yourself.

Far from being done, you can expect to see my husband I continuing to excel in the fitness industry. Rl28 is our online program, along with Gee Bryant and Joseline Hernandez. We have numerous products being released to aid in helping others achieve their personal fitness goals. You can also except to see me flipping more houses and possibly franchising our gym.

The possibilities are endless!

For more information and/or if you are in the Atlanta area and are looking for a great gym with a great fitness plan follow on:

Website: resultsin28days.com | Facebook: Halani Lobdell | Instagram: Mrs2weeksout

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