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The Passive Wealth of Monetizing & Marketing Your Message into Digital Assets

The Beginning of Building Your Digital Empire is about creating from the roots of your gifts, skills, talents, and callings to the fruits of monetizing your message into digital real estate and wealth solutions of a different kind. When building your business, all you have to do is think the way you think, create the way you create, and use your gifts, skills, talents and callings to do what you've been called to do and you will activate and have the promise. BE your gifts, DO what you've been called to do, and HAVE your promise by aligning who you are with all you are!

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Let's Get Serious About Your Digital Empire

My step-by-step system will help you take control of your message, your website, and digital content so you can create the security and freedom you’ve been dreaming of.

Learn how to integrate your gifts and goals by automating and creating systems, templates, recipes, software hacks and hook ups that I have mastered and developed over the years.

Discover how to activate the superconscious harnessing of your magnetic mind power and use it to monetize your message and build the digital arsenal of your dreams.

Client Testimonials

The 10/10 Challenge was soo amazing! Dr. Stefany gave 300% and then some! She has a wealth of knowledge that she gives without hesitation. Just when you think she has taught you all that she can in an area, she delivers more! I feel so inspired and ready to go to the next level in my business! Thank you, Dr. Stefany,!

Maritza George

CEO, Maritza George Enterprises
The first five days of the 10 streams in 10 days with your one product, service, or idea has been nothing short of amazing. Although this is my second go-round working through this information with Dr. Stefany and I’m learning new information and hacks to use in my business each session. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building a digital empire. If you are looking to scale your business it is a must to work with Dr. Stefany.

Germaine Buchanan

CEO, Mz B's Learning Cafe
This was an awesome course! Dr. Stefany Jones provided an abundance of information that can last for a lifetime! The material was priceless and I am looking forward to a long lasting relationship with the Hustle Mama team. Taking this course is an unforgettable one!

Lisa Marie Todman

CEO, Pursue Life with a Purpose Foundation
Writing this review doesn’t even capture half of what and who the Hustle Mama is and the value she offers. She serves with integrity and with benevolence. I have been a part of her Facebook group and her mentoring program for a year now and I have grown so much from all of the resources and the gems she offers me as a business owner myself. I started off as someone that wasn’t sure how I was going to expand and develop my business into multiple streams, to a business owner that now has a road map and all the tools I need to build a strong foundation for my business and courses all from the teachings of Dr. Stefany. I am so excited to continue being a part of the tribe.

Valerie Veal

CEO, The Popout Coach
The Hustle Mama tribe is a treasure chest of resources, business training, self-awakening and business hacks that catapult you to execute excellence in your life and in business. I’ve been a member of the tribe for a few years and being involved has come nothing short of me staying on top of my game with the knowledge and guidance I’ve gained.

Denise Moss

CEO, Connected Hearts Foundation

Hi, I'm Dr. Stefany

Welcome and thank you for stopping by. I believe that our Lives are By Design and our Dreams are By an Infinite Measure; that The Only Way to the Great You Are is through THE GREAT I AM. I am a spiritually-based business intelligence expert, a certified professional coach, author, educator and motivational speaker.

I help busy women entrepreneurs heal their hearts to their gifts and goals, and then use their new found discovery to monetize their message... who they are and everything they've been through... empowering them to live operating in alignment with their divine gifts while simultaneously and strategically building their side hustles into businesses. I teach them how to create multiple streams of passive income through digital marketing and building digital asset portfolios... content with a conscience. (#healhackharnessbuild)

I am the CEO of Hustle Mama: The Magazine for Today’s POWERHOUSE Woman. It is more than a magazine. We are a Mogul Mindset, a Manifestation Movement, and are Motivating Millions of women entrepreneurs to Monetize their Message by Healing their Hearts, Hacking their Lives, Harnessing their Power, and Building Digital Empires!

The Best Consciousness to Live in is the Superconscious Power of the Magnetic Mind




As a spiritually-based business intelligence expert, Dr. Stefany bridges the gap between
business success and spiritual alignment so that women are monetizing their
message and operating in their gifts simultaneously.

"The creative imagination within us is our divinity
and once we align with it, we begin living our purpose!" - Dr. Stefany

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