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Mo’Neke Ragsdale

Collateral Consequences


5 Last Minute Things You Can Do With Your Family in a Weekend

Far too often, weekends are spent on things like mowing lawns, doing household chores, and handling that ever-increasing pile of laundry. However, building memories...
Alphabet Beads

4 Fun Crafts Kids Can Make With Alphabet Beads

Some of the best things you can do with a young child involve crafts and projects you can do as a family. Alphabet Beads...
work on your business

Getting Out of Your Business

How to Work ON It, Not IN it Most small business owners, genuine estate investors, have a real hard time with this. I am no...
virtual assistant

Top Qualities Every VA Should Have

Virtual assistants are essential when running businesses. Having one helps create a system in a chaotic environment every entrepreneur is prone to, especially during...
legal counsel

Reasons to Hire an Attorney Prior to Filing for Bankruptcy

As the bills start to pile up and your credit score starts to plummet, you should consider hiring an attorney like those who work...
detox bath

The Wonders of a Detox Bath

Whenever you think of the detox process, you're probably looking at it from an internal perspective... one where you give your organs a boost...
too overweight

Weight Loss and Beauty: How Does Society React to Obesity?

Obesity has been a societal problem for years. It's really nothing new. Society has produced a nation of people in denial about weight loss and...
create a membership website

How to create a Membership Website to Reach Your Buyers

By: Kim Beasleyrs  When you create a membership website, keeping your target buyers in mind is important. Having a membership website has been an innovative...
This "Old School New Body" protocol is the most useful all-purpose plan available. I'm incredibly impressed with the quickness in which you can safely and naturally lose weight and tone your body.

Old School – New Body

BEING ACUTELY AWARE of the obesity problem and health risks of aging and obesity, I've been looking into various diet and exercise routines. I've...
sweet potato

Healthy Advantages of the Mighty Sweet Potato

By: D. Selby   If we were playing “Jeopardy,” and the category was Central American vegetables, here’s how we would present this round. ANSWER: An edible tropical...
university of the arts

Philly’s Own Kenny Rosario-Pugh

Bio for KennyRP KennyRP (a.k.a. Kenny Rosario-Pugh) was born in Philly and raised in the Fairmount and Olde Kensington sections of the city. His music...


By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan For one reason or the other, which I wrote briefly about it, we will continue to SAY THEIR NAME! One man who...
natural beauty products

What to Know About Natural Beauty Products

By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan Many people are transitioning from perms to natural hair, from hair dyes to letting their greys grow beautifully and from top-line products...
front desk


By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan When taking a position to represent a business, please make sure before applying, you take the position seriously. If you take a...
Cold and Flu period

How Aromatherapy Helps the Cold and Flu

Cold and Flu period is nearly upon us. I woke up with the dreaded sore throat this morning. Along with the sore throat came...
health and wellness

8 Ways to Permanent Health & Wellness

Also referred to as the eight doctors that man can trust, they have been tested and proven, especially by the Seventh Day Adventist, specifically...
home business

Home-Based Business Poisons: Why Some Fail Miserably

People all over the world are looking for other ways to make income. While going to school and receiving an education is a great...
house of ikons

Savita Kaye, CEO House of Ikons Virtual Fashion Show in London- February 27, 2021

By Celebrity Writer, Jules Lavallee Savita Kaye's ambition is for House of iKons to be a global brand known for launching emerging designers and creatives....
skin issues


By: Dr. Melanye Maclin-Carroll, MD WOW! Within three months into 2020, an awful pandemic emerged due to a Coronavirus called COVID-19 that has truly changed...
A&B Lifestyles

A&B Lifestyles

The year is still young! What are you thinking? What are you hoping for? Well, if you are thinking and you are hoping, you...



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