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Mo’Neke Ragsdale

Collateral Consequences

Alkaline water

Alkaline Water and its Health Benefits

Our body needs water to function well. Since young, we have heard about the importance of drinking water in sufficient quantity every day. As...
Luxury Lifestyle

All About Living a Luxury Lifestyle

All of us are working so hard to provide for our family, to pursue our dreams, or even just to put food in our...
Liquor addiction and liquor misuse

Is Alcoholism Considered A Disease?

Whatever the celebration, the presence of alcoholic drinks will always be there. Others store beer in their fridge, so they have something to cap...
Gender inequality

Why Women Need to Be Heard

In the past, women are prohibited from voting. They are stereotyped to be just at home, doing dishes and take care of the kids....
rubbing alcohol

Alcohol as a Disinfectant

Now in times of pandemic, disinfection is necessary. You may not know when and where you will get the virus, so it's always essential...
significance of setting aside cash

All About Investments

Saving money is sometimes difficult for people. Thus, investment is sometimes a luxury. The significance of setting aside cash is infrequently questioned. Saving is...
Fate or destiny

About Fate and What it Means to Connect in Coincidence

It has been a habit of adults to have plans in everything we do- career, family, and even relationships. We exert a lot of...
insurance plans

Why Having Insurance of Every Kind is Necessary

Not all the times that the stars align in our favor. Regardless of how ready we are, emergencies and risks happen at the worst...
prayer is essential

Why Prayer is Essential

When people are down to nothing, prayer is something that changes the game effortlessly. Through prayers, you can communicate yourself with the Supreme Being...
streams of income

Creating Passive Multiple Streams of Income

Having a sustainable job must be something you can be proud of. Through the income you get, you can pay your bills, send kids...
city parks

The Importance of City Parks

Parks are probably the most underrated place for beautiful memories. Even before the theme parks that our children now enjoy, parks used to be...
purposeful life

The Beauty of Living On Purpose

Every one of us has the freedom on how we live our life. Based on our priorities, we schedule our day-to-day function, and sometimes,...
play, abilities, encourage, treatment, manners, computer, computer games

Gaming Addiction

With the advent of technology and the availability of smartphones, games are readily available. Gone are the days that one can only play video...
dogs as pets

Dogs as Protectors & Companions

Cliché may seem, but dogs are still and will always be considered man's best friend. Emotionally speaking, having dogs as pets relieves many uncertainties...

Choosing the Best Hotels

When you're up for holidays or vacation, the first thing that comes to your mind is about the places you'll go. How many touristy...
Adriana Lima

All About Adriana Lima

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is always making people's jaw drop. With its beautiful angels and model, people all around the world are following their...
fixed mindset


Fixed Mindset People with a firm mindset think that people are born with a particular mix of skills, abilities, intelligence, and character. No value of...

Dr. Eloise M. Fulton-Taylor

Dr. Eloise M. Fulton-Taylor asks women to re-examine the truths of how they are portrayed in society. PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Dr. Eloise M. Fulton-Taylor aims...
power of routine


Each day, we are required to make thousands of choices - from what to eat, what to wear, and what to buy. By trimming...
gallstones and pregnancy


Gallstones and Pregnancy Gallstones can occur at any time, but they are particularly prevalent in pregnancy. This is because the changes that occur in the...



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