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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
The Happy Being Me Ministry is proud to announce the third book by acclaimed Christian author Wendy Massey. ‘The Whole Armor of God’ is an immersive experience designed to...

Karen D. Fultz-Robinson

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Tips on the Right Body Language to Make Deeper Connections

If you want to make deeper connections, the right body language you use is essential. We often don’t think about the signals we give...

Ways to Deal with Injustice without Depression

You know that life isn’t just because you’ve been told that, and you’ve encountered it for yourself your whole life. Trying to deal with...

Exceptional Character Traits of People with a Positive Self-Perception

In the simplest form of the word, self-perception can be considered how we view ourselves and our impact on things around us. Our self-perception...

Guilt-Free Tips for Balancing Your Career and Motherhood

Trying to balance your professional career and motherhood at the same time can feel like you're being stretched in a dozen different directions concurrently....

High self-esteem

What Is Self Esteem? High self-esteem is an essential component of all highly successful people. Without high levels of self-esteem, you are unlikely to see...

These POWERHOUSE Women are doing it big and doing it strong!


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Savita Kaye, CEO House of Ikons Virtual London Fashion Show

By Celebrity Writer, Jules Lavallee Savita Kaye's ambition is for House of iKons to be a global brand known for launching emerging designers and creatives. Working with international media partners...

Strength Training During the Later Years

If you think strength training is reserved for the younger generation, think again. In older age, strength training can prove invaluable at keeping the...

Banking Habits That Help Financial Security

If you want to reach financial security, you’ll want to pay attention to your banking habits. You can acquire many healthy banking habits to...

Christian Marriage Counseling- It Works For Some Couples

If you are a Christian and find that your marriage is in trouble, you may want to reconsider using Christian marriage counseling. This service...