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Mo’Neke Ragsdale

Collateral Consequences

healthy desserts

Healthy Desserts

Regardless of how sweet your tooth is, there will always be a space in your stomach for desserts. These sweets cap off the food...
Chronic hepatitis

The Dangers of Hepatitis

Our body is composed of many and several organs that support each other. They process all the food we take to have energy and...
CBD business

The CBD License and Process

The CBD area of the cannabis and hemp industry is one of the quickest developing portions of the space. Here's the way you could...
coffee consumption

Your Coffee Consumption

Are you one of the many people who can't just start your day without having a cup of your favorite coffee? Well, being a...

All About Tattoos

 Back when tattoos are taboo, people who have them tend to hide them all the time for fear of having judged to be dirty...

What to Consider and what you need to know about 5G

Gone are the days when we have to anticipate a week or two to receive a message from snail mail. Since communication is such...
working online

Pros and Cons of working online

This is the age of connectivity, and the internet is just about everywhere in our lives. Android devices and on-the-go connectivity has made it...
new york city

10 Places to Visit in New York City

10 Places to Visit in New York City Perhaps the best city on the planet, New York is consistently a tornado of action, with popular...

Visiting Atlanta & The Best Places to Go

The United States of America has the most robust economy, as experts say. That explains that many people around the world are dying to...
kn95 masks

10 Sources of K95 Masks

Maybe quite possibly the most striking way of life changes coming about because of the COVID-19 pandemic is the compulsory utilization of face veils...

10 Things You Need to Know About the Stimulus Money

On March 27, 2020, former President Trump signed into law the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, a stimulus bill totaling around $2.2...
active listening

What is Active Listening & Why Is It Important?

Communication is one of the fundamental factors to maintain a healthy relationship. When you communicate with your partner, you invest in your relationship. Connections...
adam levine

All About Adam Levine

Maroon 5 has had several viral songs that became hits not only in America but also worldwide. To those who are not familiar with...
south africa

Traveling Abroad to Africa & The Best Places to Visit

When we talk about travel and vacation, we will always think of Europe and tropical countries. For sure, Europe is somewhere at the top...

Traveling Abroad to Asia & The Best Places to Visit

It has never been a debate about how traveling can make people happy. It is a necessary one in a while, and some consider...
Traveling abroad

Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad happens for many different reasons: business or work, vacation, visiting family members, and even studies. Studies have shown that traveling abroad is...
Being compassionate

The Importance of Having Compassion, Empathy, and a Kind Ear for Others in Need

Independent and busy people, more often than not, are regarded as strong-minded and willed people. They are perceived to be individuals who can survive...
closest companion

The Importance of Friends

Isn't it nice to have people with who you can share your happiness and grief? People discovered their friends when they started school, and...
products and services

The Best Use of Ads & Advertising in Your Business

Businesses, start-ups, or big companies are expected to profit and expand target consumers and audiences. Depending on the type of company, specific goals may...
flight search engin

Secure Great Deals on Airplane Tickets: How, When, and Where to Buy at Bargain...

In this day and age, traveling comes easy. With all the guided tours available and technology, which can help you navigate for directions, jumping...



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