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Mo’Neke Ragsdale

Collateral Consequences

Slaves and the Courts
Cleveland, Ohio

Why is Cleveland, Ohio an Amazing City for Millenials

Ohio was listed as one of the most popular states Americans were moving to in 2016. The great Midwestern state cities are beginning to...
the future

Facing the Future

Sometimes the unknown of change can feel uncomfortable, scary, and even frightening. So how can we move through times of change and stay connected...
introvert entrepreneur

How Innovation Is Key For An Introvert Entrepreneur

By: Kim Beasley, Introvert Entrepreneur Coach Did you know becoming an introvert entrepreneur starts with an idea to start a business? Have you been holding back...
the eyes


So, we’re going to be spending a great deal of time with these masks on! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been adding expression...
mortgage holder

Avoiding Foreclosure or Eviction due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Written by: Susan Myers, Georgia REALTOR The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our economy causing millions to lose their jobs or close their businesses only...
chemical hair relaxers


by Dr. Melanye Maclin, M.D. Hair Research Dermatologist  www.drmaclin.com Serious news regarding the use of hair chemicals and a significant health issue officially emerged in December 2019...
battle depression

Get Rid of Depression

Are you moody, anxious, grumpy, exhausted, inundated, or emotionally unstable? These kinds of mood disorders have become shockingly widespread, and in a lot of...

Teaching History in Your Homeschool

History is not focused on so much in school these days. I was disappointed to learn that it isn't even included on the big,...
Boost Your Productivity

Boost Your Productivity

4 Ways to Boost Your Productivity And Increase Your Success To have more success in your life, you need to learn how to boost your productivity. Being...
skin care creams

Lotions vs Skin Care Creams

Name an ailment, and you will find hundreds of skin care creams, lotions, and other products for it. As a result of ongoing research...
Great Opportunity

How to Recognize a Great Opportunity

If you aspire to be a successful businessperson, one of the things you're going to have to do is recognize a great opportunity when...
chicken soup for the soul


HMM: What was family life growing up for you? JC: I grew up in a fairly typical middle-class family in Wheeling, West Virginia, across the...
love into your life

A Love Mindset Transformed

Love into your life—Everything is energy, including us. We're continually vibrating something. What we center attention on decides how we're vibrating. By focussing attention on...

Forging thru the New Slate of a New Now

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! Of course, I used yesterday as a holiday, so this is my first post for the year of 2012. WOW,...

Helping Your Teen Deal with Conflict in a Positive Manner

Conflict is difficult to deal with, and it is especially tough in the adolescent years. Your child is already going through many changes in...
univeristy campus

The Unusual Friend

In a big city where you know no one, it isn't easy to find a place of your own—an area which will be home...
time management

Time Management for Freelancers

It demands time to get a freelance business; it takes time to build yourself, and it needs time to earn money. All of this...
Mo’Neke Ragsdale

Mo’Neke Ragsdale Seeks to Become the First female President of the Local Branch of...

By Crystal Evans, Political Editor Was there ever a time when your voice was not being heard? Since the beginning of time, women have been...
school bag

Choosing the Right School Bag for Your Child

Your child may be all picky about his school bag. He is naturally interested in picking up the fanciest of the lot- but you...

How to Find Pet Friendly Hotels

As the owner of 2 German Shepherd dogs, I was planning to take a few days get-a-way along California Highway #1. Until I started...