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No Good Deeds | Words from the CEO

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Anyone who is the slightest part of my world knows that I am the person who wants to help everyone I can, and anyone that I am able. There is a saying that no good deed goes un- punished.

For the life of me I never understood the merits of those words, until recently. I have several businesses that I either run, or am a part of in some capacity, and lately it seems as if what I am running into is a new kind of business ‘non-ethics’ if you will. There was once a time when you could negotiate very large scale deals on a handshake alone. In fact, some of my most rewarding friendships and business partnerships were handled in that manner. Now, for some odd reason, take everything to a very and white contract or fine the woman who likes to never do I have an issue writing.

I mean what I say, confident enough in my the gifts He has given about delivering. He skills and talents. He has ethic that is sick! I do more heart and soul into every single project, partnership, and initiative of which I find myself a part. There is never any half-stepping, and every business I come in contact with is one that I want to make sure I give its just due. Lately I have been dealing with clients of a different mindset and work ethic altogether. The playing field I have found myself a part is not playing for keeps, more like playing for cheap. It baffles me why and how people expect you to always sell yourself short, yet they boast wanting the best.

Well to have the best and get the best, you cannot expect less than value-based propositioning and pricing. If you cannot afford my services as a consultant, then it is no big deal. It is better to just be honest about where you are and we part as professionals, than to waste my time and have me start to look at you sideways. It takes courage to be courageous in your own business.

I am not for everyone and that is ok. The beauty of this life is that it is filled with choices. We choose our business partners and practices. We choose how we do business, when and with whom. I am now learning (the hard way I might add), that the gift of no thank you to a prospective client is the biggest gift you can give to yourself; because in saying yes to the wrong one, you will find yourself in the world of doing GOOD DEEDS for those who end up PUNISHING YOU in the long run.

Sometimes saying NO TO THE DEAL, NO TO THE CLIENT, NO TO THE PROSPECT, is really saying YES to your PEACE OF MIND, YES to your TIME, YES to your VALUE, and YES to TIME WELL SPENT, and headaches you will never have to worry about having. So next time you try to make concessions, try to give someone a good deal, or discount your business services in the name of a relationship or referral, remember that GOOD DEED in trying to help someone, may just end up hurting someone else….


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