by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 14, 2020, at 2:00 pm

tI am very, very late with posting today. Initially, because of yesterday’s fiasco with my bringing forth the WORD, I was going to post and discuss the notes from my sermon. However, since I will be ministering the message next week, I decided to hold back and wait until then to ignite the follow-up discussion. As always, I got swamped, things got hectic. Next, something I know today turned into one conference call after another and one deal after another… not to mention I’ve got a substantial investor meeting tomorrow that I’ve been preparing for the entire day.

This road called life comes with so many detours and new traffic patterns that not only do you have to be a skilled driver to content with the road and weather conditions but having a sure knowledge of your destination is paramount. How many times have you set out on a road trip only to find that the detours threw you off your entire plan? Well, things that happen in our life and strange circumstances can do the very same thing.

It’s so funny because believe it or not, my latest detour (the crashing of my hard drive not two weeks ago) has proved to be and IS PROVING TO BE the best thing in the world that could have EVER happened to me. When I tell you that I went from a moment of feeling like the world was ending to that of acceptance to that of ok I’m Hustle Mama I can recover, to my present sentiment of recover what??? It’s time to re-discover!!! Not only did what happen to HAVE TO HAPPEN, but I am GRATEFUL throughout my heart and soul that it did.

That is why we must learn to see things through our third eye first above all things and then the natural eyes to just process. Truth be told, if I were to reflect on the events using my third eye, I would say that the loss brought me more significant gains than I have achieved during all the months of this past year combined.

I get to do BETTER work, with a STRONGER SPIRITUAL VOICE, with a more engaged GOD RELATIONSHIP DRIVEN PERSPECTIVE. I am being perfected in nature, character, spirit, and purpose. I am learning, teaching, and improving my business, my ministry, and my goals. I am shifting more into the ALIGNMENT with HIM that GOD has purposed for my life since before my birth.

Going to the next level may be exciting, but the journey to getting there takes FORTITUDE… and when life starts to throw me curveballs, I now have the skill of working my TURNTABLES like a cut master and can put that thing DOWN (to rest that is).

I am on FIYAH, and I feel it… FIRE SHUT UP IN MY BONES… Today, I did something I said I wasn’t going to do for a while. I wrote another book. Yes, today, this day, in one day, I wrote another book. And as I begin to edit and design the cover, I am incredibly pleased because it is the first work ‘after’ the loss, and it’s worth more than all of my other work combined. WHY? Because it is the first step and the beginning of the new ME!