New Love: When GOD IS ALL in, up, and down IN it….

by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 14, 2020, at 1:00 pm

OK. I’m in LOVE, so it’s just time to admit it! Over the years, I have done a lot of learning, sharing, preaching, teaching, and anything and everything else you could think of. It’s amazing how we grow as people purposed for a thing. For those who are called, the growth, a walk is PHENOMENAL …at least from the reflective perspective. Trust and believe that while you are GROWING THROUGH your growth, it is not always a feel-good time and quite the opposite.

There comes the point in time DURING your process that you do see the move of GOD way before your “looking back” and hindsight 20/20 vision vantage point. I realize that the more I am in alignment, the more “real-time” is my witness to the things of God and the move of GOD.

I am starting to grow up and come into my own. Sometimes I feel as if I’ve wasted so much time in my ignorance, but I know that is not the truth nor of GOD. Time is not a waste if the events of how time is spent drives you to PURPOSE, BETTERMENT, IMPROVEMENT, and EMPOWERMENT. If those same events end up being used for the HEALING, EDIFICATION, and SUPPORT of others, then that’s an even greater reward of your life’s journey.

As I prepare to deliver the word on this Monday, I am excited to see what the LORD has to share with me. I must and am always the first partaker of ALL OF MY MESSAGES, and I believe that is what lies at the heart of my being able to so freely share with the world the sentiments of my heart and the craziness that’s on my mind (smile).

As I enjoy being me, I am learning that I am evolving into BEING ME, and it’s a journey that I willingly signed up to take. I asked God to show me myself, and although I wasn’t prepared for what I would see, I can smile through. I am enjoying the process of His PREPARING ME for what I can’t see, of HIS making me ready, of HIS pruning me… sound familiar???

When GOD IS ALL in, up, and down IN a thing, the process, the transitions, the outcomes, and the yields are always going to be beyond our scopes, capabilities, and understanding. After all, He is GOD.

If you haven’t been able to tell by now, I have fallen IN LOVE, and it’s the most beautiful and life-changing experience. I have returned to my FIRST LOVE. THE LOVE I was present, and with before I ever was and became.

There’s no better feeling in this world than the euphoric high of being IN LOVE. I’ve LOVED the LORD since coming into a relationship with Him. I must admit that it is a relationship that when it was new, I pulled out all the bells, stops, and whistles. I was giving 110%, and I allowed nothing and no one to run interference. As the years went on, I began to take my LOVE for granted, and He never complained. He watched me make a mess time and time again of the relationship when I had a hard head. LOL. There were quite a few times I was unfaithful, and yet He forgave me. I took Him for granted, I tried His patience, and I wasn’t always giving and generous of myself, my time, my efforts, my attention, my nurturing to the relationship as I used to be. I wasn’t always as submissive, humble, and respectful of Him and His position and authority in the relation as I used to be.

I’m so glad that WHO I CHOSE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH loves me back enough to love me through my shortcomings and growth during the relationship. I am so grateful for His patience, His understanding, and His acceptance of my faults. I am so thankful that the things He has seen fit to forgive me for He have never thrown back up in my face. I am glad that although I once hurt Him, He still trusts me as if I never have, having FAITH in WHAT WE’VE BUILT TOGETHER and seeing this entire thing through to its expected end and purpose.

Yes, I AM IN LOVE YET AGAIN… but I will tell you that while I have loved often, loved much, and loved freely… I have never been IN LOVE like this before because I am finally willing to be IN LOVE with MY FIRST LOVE, the LOVE who has brought out the best in me, who daily makes me a better person, who provides the safety to cry, rant, rave, and who comforts me. The LOVE I am most able to trust because I know it is PURE and UNCONDITIONAL. I AM IN LOVE like I’ve never been before because I opened my eyes to the LOVE that’s been waiting for me to TRUST Him with my heart and soul… trust Him with IT ALL… And now that I DO, and I HAVE, I AM.

I Co-Wrote This Song from awhile back, and it’s a perfect fit for the sentiment of today’s post. Enjoy a listen! My Song “BECAUSE OF YOU”