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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Tips for Buying Summer Fitness Wear for Pregnant Women

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Pregnancy might be a very important part of your life, but there is no reason why you should stop giving yourself the time and attention you need during this phase. You have certain needs that can be fulfilled without impeding the growth of your child in any way.

Just as your life doesn’t stop when you get pregnant, you still have to maintain your health and wellness while pregnant; so shouldn’t your workout sessions. We recognize that it can be hard to get into the workout gear and head over to a gym with your bump, but you can’t just skip your fitness routine for 9 months?

Interestingly, the US Department of Health and Human Services, the premier healthcare research facility in the nation, also wants you to do 150 minutes of light aerobic activities throughout the course of your pregnancy. Light workouts can help improve fitness and lead to better fetus health.

In this article, we look at summer fitness gear pregnant women can wear when they are expecting. Follow these tips for a good fitness guide.

Working Out When You’re Pregnant

Now, you might ponder over what really counts as moderate intensity aerobic workout and how you should go about it? Well, moderate intensity workouts can be measured by your physical condition and how you’re responding to the workout. If your heart rate is up and you’re perspiring moderately, but can still speak properly without the heavy breaths altering your speech, then you’re in the perfect zone.

Many moms-to-be know the correct drills for working out while pregnant but still shy away from the activity. Moderate exercise and activity during this stage can spell mega benefits like a reduced risk of cesareans, gestational diabetes and the dreaded preeclampsia. Not only do you prevent these events from happening, but you also ensure your psychological wellbeing and improved fitness standards. With so many benefits on offer, for the short and the long run, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be working out during your pregnancy.

Of course, one potential reason stopping women from workout during pregnancy is that they want to be comfortable in training gear that perfectly fits their body. Don’t sweat if this reason has been troubling you, as we have the best tips from across the market to help out moms-to-be like you who want to keep your health intact during this crucial stage in your life.

Are Pregnancy Workout Clothes Necessary?

Most moms expecting a child spend most of their pregnancy buying clothes and necessities for their kids. There is barely time and money to spend on yourself. You’re focused on making things cozy for your kid before they arrive. From baby’s clothes and nurseries to diapers and a new room, it is common for moms to sacrifice their own buying routine for that of their kid.

While you can stretch your current tees to fit your growing tummy in the first trimester, things take a turn after that. It is usually after the 20th week that moms start developing a bigger tummy, and old clothes don’t fit anymore.

Considering the time and duration of the pregnancy period, it is naïve to sacrifice on your workout sessions and fitness gear. Interestingly, in the following lines below you will find just the right fitness gear, available at costs that shouldn’t worry you much.

You wouldn’t need a long list of items and clothing to buy to optimize your fitness gear during pregnancy. All it takes is the addition of the few useful tips below, and you will be good to go.

Maternity Sports Bras

One very significant and noticeable change that women encounter as part of their pregnancy is a growing bust. This change is readily noticed by our partners. Besides being the most visible of all changes, a growing bust also causes a lot of discomfort, as it results in the formation of red rings on the skin area underneath the breast. The rings or rashes caused on your skin are a direct result of wearing your old, short, bras on your growing body.

While there are medical reasons behind the growth in breast size, we can avert the skin from developing rashes by wearing a sports bra of an appropriate size. While your breasts will continue to balloon across the length of your pregnancy, they first start growing larger during the second month. Women that are well endowed find pregnancy workouts really discomforting and uncomfortable. An appropriate sports bra will put an end to this discomfort, allowing the person to work out effortlessly, without the body causing issues.

Maternity Workout Tops and Shirts

You cannot possibly shop for pregnancy fitness gear, without incorporating plans to buy a perfect workout top that can last through the 9 months. The first rule of shopping for pregnancy gear is to keep your eyes open and peeled for some good workout tops across the internet. Your workout top will not just be your perfect workout partner, but it can also be used across all other times.

To make your search easier, you can start looking out for a top that has smooth fabric long enough to cover your belly and go beyond it. The fabric should be stretchy and should sit perfectly across your body. Your top should provide the same flexibility across the 9 months and be made of stretchy material so that it grows with you as you pass your months. Fitness instructors believe that tops stretchable tops can be perfect for pregnant women during this stage in life.

Maternity Workout Pants and Bottoms

Just like the tops and shirts, your pants and bottoms would also need some updating to be called fit for your maternity workout sessions. The key to the new and updated bottoms for your pregnancy workout routines is to have something that is comfy, expandable and shouldn’t keep you off from doing your workout sessions.

The over-the-belly style seems to be the most favored by most moms we have spoken to, as these bottoms last more than any of their jeans or trousers. The growing tummy also means that moms have to make do with these over-the-belly bottoms for routine wear by the end of their pregnancy, as they are the only ones remaining fit for their bodies.

If you are expecting, then it will be worth going over the tips that we have mentioned here and seeing how feasible they can be for you. With the right information and the right fitness gear, you can steam up your fitness routine even further.


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