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Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Meet Life Coach Timothy Massey

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Timothy D. Massey, better known as TSpeaks, is a former Wall Street executive who quit his successful career to pursue his passions. Hailing from Harlem, New York, Tim is an advocate for spiritual and individual growth. He is the CEO of All Things Righteous, LLC, whose mission is to empower individuals to live out their lives to the fullest while utilizing the gifts that have been placed in their care to reach their destiny at the appointed time.

Tim has been called a Dynamic Author, Prolific Public Speaker, Motivator, and Life Coach. However, the title he embraces most is Dad. Tim believes and shares God is calling His people (all people) to commit to living their lives to the best of their ability while walking and operating in their gifting. Tim’s message is whether he is on stage motivating a group of success-hungry individuals, preaching in churches, or teaching schools (Kean University and Rutgers, to name a few).

Before devoting his time to working full-time on The TSpeaks brand, Timothy believed what he was told as a young adult. He was told that success occurs when you hold a good job, buy a house, and raise a family. He did all of these things, only to realize that they did not necessarily equate to happiness but could be distractions. He left his prestigious Vice-President position in investment banking to pursue his passion of being free and no longer be bound to the working to erect another individual’s dreams into reality.

What lay inside Timothy was of greater value than what he received through a paycheck, bonuses, and even a 401K Plan.  He believes people can be successful despite how they started or what obstacles they may have faced; in fact, he has waged his life on it. He is the author of 8 Steps to Wholeness for Men (with Women and Children in mind), From the Street to the Life, and How to become Wealthy and Change everything using your Gifts!”

Timothy Massey is a man caught by destiny and invites everyone who wants to chase theirs to join him. Timothy currently resides in New Jersey with his two son’s Timothy and Stephen.

Tell Us a Little About Yourself

I enjoy traveling, reading, and most sports. I am a skier, and I ride motorcycles. However, as much as I enjoy being outdoors, I also enjoy sitting in front of a fireplace and having a good conversation.   I am an entrepreneur and a father of two sons, ages 5 & 7. We currently reside in New Jersey. I view my challenges as opportunities and don’t believe in giving up.

What is your current profession, and how did you make that choice?

I am a Business Coach. I’m a former Wall Street executive who decided to leave corporate America. As a result, I broke the shackles off my mind. By faith, I embarked on a journey to discover the gift(s) that God placed inside of me and built it into a life and Legacy.

I realized that I was not an independent thinker and wasn’t utilizing my gifts while working to make someone wealthy. I grew weary of watching myself grow older without accomplishing anything more than purchasing a house, fancy cars, and traveling the world. I realized that I was allowing another person to control my destiny.

I now help individuals who want more out of life and financial freedom to become entrepreneurs through my coaching and mentorship programs. I have dedicated my life to helping others to live their best and most productive lives.

What are some of the goals and dreams you have for the future? 

Some of my goals for the future are to help multiple thousands of individuals realize their gifts and embark on the journey toward becoming entrepreneurs using those gifts. I would also like to set up programs to help the disenfranchised transition back into society with the necessary skills to lead productive lives. I have a passion for men. I dream of Men taking their rightful position as God-Heads and leading their women and children.

Another goal is to speak to Foster Children in various states and encourage them to not give up on life just because of their present circumstances. Lastly, I dream of leaving such a stellar Legacy that individuals can tap into to help them be who God intended for them to be for hundreds of years to come. I want my name to be recognized as a synonym with change.

What advice do you have for others who want to live in their calling? 

When you feel the need to live out your calling, do it! Decide to do it at all costs. The saying is absolutely true, life is short, and the pandemic proved that it is even shorter than we realized.

I believe that the world’s saddest individuals are those preparing to transition to the afterlife, and when they reflect on their accomplishments, they realize they did nothing substantial. I believe the most unfortunate people are those who realize their contribution to the world is minimal because they played it safe and worked until retirement and, inevitably, their death.

Timothy Massey
Timothy Massey, better known as TSpeaks, aspires to to empower individuals to live out their lives to the fullest while utilizing the gifts that have been placed in their care to reach their destiny at the appointed time.

How do you maintain your integrity in an otherwise highly competitive and sometimes  unscrupulous industry, as business at times can be cutthroat? 

I maintain my integrity in business and life by remembering that there is a higher Authority who I call, My God. I believe that if you have love towards all individuals to the best of your ability, it will help you to maintain your integrity. How can you defraud someone you hold in high regard in your heart. I am a follower of the Bible and its principles at all costs. I place more value on where I will spend eternity and how versus making a couple hundred thousand or millions of dollars.

What is your definition of peace? What is your definition of success? How do you  remain true to yourself?

My definition of peace is unity. When people are unified, there can only be peace within them. My definition of success is being able to buy back my time and spend it however I choose to every day while having my basic and extended needs met.

I remain true to myself because I depend on myself more than anyone else besides God. Time has taught me that individuals can be with you today and leave you without returning. The anchor has to be me and what I believe. My life is built upon who, what, and how I am. The epitome of Last Man Standing is me. I choose myself and want the best for me now and forever.

God is, in fact, the center of my life. It means something to me when I am about to retire for the evening, and I do introspection. I ask myself if I behaved and walked upright towards every individual I interacted with during the day, and my answer is yes.

Would you consider yourself a driven person? What makes you a powerhouse? What is  the source of your strength? 

I am a driven person indeed. My start in this life is the one thing that makes me a Powerhouse. It was so horrific that I not only wanted to have more and be in a better position but also to be the opposite of my childhood and early adolescent years. I work hard daily to balance out the things I experienced earlier in life. So, if my start in life is terrible, then the opposite is great.

I realized a long time ago that I had a choice. I could allow myself to wallow in self-pity and cry a river over my upbringing. I could focus on not having my basic needs met and being without a mother, father, and family. I could also use my experiences as motivation to live a fulfilled life. My ultimate source of strength is the spirit of God within lives inside me.

What strategies do you use to overcome adversity in your life? 

The strength I use to overcome adversity in my life is my will to succeed. I have an incredible amount of intensity that I use to overcome everything that presents itself as a challenge. Another strength that I use to overcome is vision. Regardless of my circumstances, I keep my eyes pierced on the vision I have for my life. I stay focused on what shall be, not what it appears to be in the moment.

What type of legacy do you wish to leave? 

The legacy is my children’s children will never have to work on a job a single day of their lives. They will stand on what I have built and go higher. They will be positioned to do more for themselves and the world.

In addition, I want to be instrumental in helping to change the trajectory of millions of lives. People will become who God has purposed for them to be and do and what He has prepared them for them because of the legacy I leave.

 What steps do you take to maintain strong positive relationships in your life  (spouse/partner/children, friends, etc.)? 

The simplest step I take to maintain strong positive relationships in my life is to treat everyone with the same love and commitment I want and have received from God. In addition, I monitor myself (actions, words, deeds) and make whatever correction is necessary to ensure that I am not tearing down anyone but building them up.

Lastly, I am acquainted with the words “I apologize.” Then I correct my behavior, so I do not duplicate the same outcomes in the future.

Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I want people to know that I have dedicated my life to helping as many individuals as possible to become who they are intended to be. Regardless of whatever challenges or adversities you have faced, you survived, and because of that, know that you can succeed at anything you commit yourself to do and become.

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