Tomorrow is a new day, yet today is not even over yet. What can be said today that makes tomorrow guarantee? What can I achieve today that I can boost of tomorrow? I wake up every morning with a smile on my face and lots of wonderful and beautiful ideas in me waiting patiently to implement.

I have just had my quiet time, and it seems thoughts had flown into my mind as it used to. But the saddest part is that all those ideas and inspirations are always left unimplemented. It saddens my heart to look back and think I could have done something when I had the chance.

Life is so full of ups, and down, it is not a bed of roses; it goes well today and completely the opposite tomorrow. It makes you smile and joyous one minute and you are sad the next, it provides opportunities, and within the blink of an eye, the possibilities are gone if not utilized. Every second comes with various thought, and each view is to be activated by an action, but sadly, most of those thoughts and ideas are left unnoticed. We complain that life is not fair, but we don’t even give it a chance, we misunderstood it and defined it wrong. Every good thing has its impact, but our impressions are yet to manifest.

What if? Is a serious question of all, it is a question of regret and pathetic nature, it unveils that victory is already out of going. What if I had taken a sensible and mature step instead of overlooking the idea? Now the deed is done, and victory is already lost. “Opportunities lost may not be regained, so they say,” therefore any chance we have to make things right should quickly be utilized. Who knows what might be the breakthrough you have been yearning for and the breakthrough generations are longing for and if missed it will be a tragedy.

The cross-road when you grow old and look back with your grey hair and wondered what if? We will all be bothered by the things we did not attempt rather than things we did; at a time there is no time, therefore make hay. It up to you!

These words above are not for me alone but also you and you, this world has to move forward, and the only thing I can think of that is delaying the progress is you and me. New ideas are always left unimplemented, and as usual, we still have reasons to back that up. Excuses are wrong, and also it prevents progress — the values we all have had to be displayed and used for the glory of the whole world.