While many men tend to put women down and some even treat them as animals it is the Spirit that has made them special in God’s eyes. They are the bearers of generations of men who want to hurt them and the atrocities committed against them in the name of false gods are beyond belief. They are tortured, maimed, discarded, and murdered by those who are jealous or crazed with anger against them.

Every day in Australia there are new tragedies involving men who take the lives of women. The most recent example is a young mother who was hit in the head with a hammer and is now fighting for her life in hospital. The man, a 24-year-old, was arrested. The Internet is full of videos and images of women who have been burned with acid or fire or maimed in some other way by men.

The number of murders against them is appalling. They are set upon by those who decide to rape them, by priests who sexually abuse them, by religions that downgrade them as little more than chattels in the god’s eyes, and by men who take them as partners.’

There is a sickness in the world that is not readily solvable as men are in charge of the systems that could bring change. Unless one is a woman who has experienced how bad such abuse is, then it’s hard for men who believe in justice to appreciate it.

Following my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit, it commissioned me to remove the wall of deceit that has blinded the world, and hidden the real God, and to bring back the young. It provided the tools and the Internet is the main one. It is the Mountain God promised to appear in the last days (Micah 4:1) and it is spreading truth into the world of darkness.

As a man in my last life and women in this one, there is justice in the fact that God has chosen a woman to be the last prophet that’s to bring in the harvest at the end of the day. The bible is rich with passages that state this fact (Micah 4:8-0). It sent me to Babylon to discover the roots of religions and they are all basically the same and all are of Islam.

The city was the home of the Amors who built Roma (reverse Amor) and one of them was Constantine who established the Catholic Church based on Islamic principles. It has discriminated against women and is a major part of the problem as it is patriarchal. He also built the Vatican that organized the Muslim branch to be established and it has the same discriminatory attitude.

None of the followers of these systems would have ever accepted that a woman would be used by God in this way. Nor would they believe that women are special in God’s eyes.