In today’s world of technology, we do not have enough chances to get personal. Life is fast-paced, and everyone appears to be in a hurry. We are too occupied with our smartphones, and we talk to computers. We spend endless time on the computer playing games, emailing one another, or working with our websites. Even in the office setting, we email the person in the cubicle 2 feet away rather than walking over to hand them a duty list.

Would you mind not getting me mistaken? I enjoy technology. I cannot think of ever being without my computer, and I am guilty of wasting a huge part of my day going online. The computer and Internet can grant you many possibilities. Now at no extra cost, you need your Internet connection. I can interact with anyone all over the world. If selected carefully, young people have a division of learning possible at their fingertips. I could proceed to present the many advantages that technology has induced into our lives.

As an outcome of the technological age of today’s world, our personal touch with one another is fading. Individuals are becoming strangers to one another. People are in a rush to get on with the business of living and walk through each other on the street without even a greeting. We need to take full benefit of the timeliness to be capable of socializing.

Have you questioned why there is so much clinical depression in the world today? Ask yourself why our young people are so distressed. Why do so many of them attempt suicide, or worse, the act of murder even crosses their mind? Do you agree with my observation that we need to have more personal interaction and learn to socialize personally and not through gadgets?

Think about it, don’t you feel constrained to smile back when someone smiles at you? Doesn’t it raise your mood and draw you out of a frustrating span of mind? It`s incredible how a mere smile can do. It makes you feel welcomed and loved.

A simple smile can bring marvelous things. It’s as though that moment someone waved a wand, and all the drudgery faded. You abruptly feel tender and warm, and the person who smiled at you has just gone from a stranger to a kindred soul. Sometimes a discussion is begun, and now the earthly effort has become a pleasant experience. You no longer feel frustrated and rushed; instead, you are liking yourself. The world is now tender and fuzzy instead of cold, dreadful, and unfriendly.

I do not intend to suggest that giving and receiving a smile is the answer to the world’s dilemmas, but it is an excellent place to commence. We all want to taste that feeling of belonging. We are, after all, fragments of the same human species. We should feel affected to embrace each other in our hearts and spirits.

So go onward and smile. I challenge you. But be mindful. You might find the environment a more peaceful place to relish. You might find that people are friendly and sweet, and affectionate.