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Friday, August 19, 2022
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Mastectomy Bras

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Essential Things You Have To Know When Buying Mastectomy Bras

Mastectomy refers to the surgical removal of one or both a lady’s breast to treat or remove breast cancer. Although there are different types of mastectomy, the result is that a woman won’t have the same appearance as her breasts after the surgery.

Fortunately, ladies don’t have to feel conscious about their chest after a mastectomy. Ladies who lost one or both breasts can be fitted with prostheses about six weeks to two months after surgery. And once they have their prosthesis, they can start choosing the best mastectomy bras to buy.

Mastectomy bras are similar to regular bras; however, they have the extra feature of fabric pockets sewn into each cup inside the bra. This feature allows the breast prosthesis to be fitted inside the pocket and give the impression of a bust. They come in different sizes, styles, or designs. Some come with only one pocket in one cup for women who had only one breast removed.

Types Of Mastectomy Bras

There are different types of mastectomy bras based on the requirements of the wearer. The most common ones are:

Post-surgery mastectomy bra – This type of bra is made of soft fabric and is vast in size. It is designed for ladies to wear after the surgery. This type of bra usually unhooks at the front so that patients will have easy access to the chest area since they may not be able to move their arms properly after the surgery.

Front-closing mastectomy bra – This type of bra will open and close at the front.

Back-closing mastectomy bra – This type of bra has its hooks at the back. Wearers will have to open and close this bra by reaching for the hooks at the end.

Shopping Tips

Below are some tips that can help patients who want to buy a mastectomy bra:

  • If a patient underwent a single mastectomy, it is best, to begin with, a bra that is fitted to the remaining natural breast and band size (the measurement covering the chest or area beneath the breasts). The bra should be snug but not too tight. This is an essential factor to consider because if the band does not fit right, the prosthesis may rise from the pocket and move around.
  • In terms of a double mastectomy, patients can enjoy more flexibility because there is no need to worry about complementing the other existing breast. You can go for a whole new look or revert to the original look of your chest. Either way, make sure you select something that will fit your body frame.
  • If you’re having a hard time finding the bra that best fits you, get help with a professional fitter. A fitter will use a chart that matches prosthetic sizes to natural cup sizes. With the fitter’s guidance, you can select the weight and shape combination that feels right to you.

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