Mommy Makeover Transformation

Mommy Makeover Transformation

The idea of getting back to the pre-pregnancy body after childbirth is neither alien nor frowned upon as vain and no longer limited to the enviable “good genes.” Aesthetic restorative surgery has now ramified to cater to a generation of women making informed decisions for their health and wellness, thus emerged the concept of combining cosmetic surgery procedures, popularly referred to as the Mommy makeover surgery.

A few frequent changes that are encountered almost universally are:- 

1) Mammary glands: as they gain volume, the overlying skin develops stretch marks, the hallmark of snapped collagen in the skin layers. Post-delivery and breastfeeding the breast size may reduce, but the shape is altered, especially after multiple pregnancies, resulting in a “deflated” or sagging appearance to the breasts.

2) Midsection: A four-tiered muscular apparatus mainly form the abdomen. As the pregnancy advances, the uterus expands and pushes against the abdominal musculature causing the belly bulge and eventually stretch and separate. This change results in the “mommy pooch,” which is a combination of weakened core and pelvic floor muscles, excessive skin under the navel, and the stretch marks all over the lower abdominal region.

3) Skin: shows a somewhat unpredictable response to pregnancy; however, most of the changes observed are usually temporary and only until deliver or a few weeks. Melasma gravid arum or mask of pregnancy is seen as visible facial skin darkening, over the cheeks, forehead, and perioral region. It usually settles after childbirth but may persist in some women and need medical intervention.

Although some women bounce back owing to either prenatal care comprising of strict diet, customized workouts, and intense postpartum discipline or a natural tendency or both, most women struggle. Irrespective, effects, such as stubborn fat deposits, excessive skin and skin laxity, and weakened and overstretched abdominal muscles, can only be treated with surgery.

The mommy makeover cosmetic surgery package 

Mommy makeover is not a medical terminology but rather a colloquial term emphasizing the result the treatment offers. It was initially the conjunction of two procedures, that is “mom job” and “mom tuck.” This ‘package’ procedure focuses primarily on the breasts and the midsection. It is now a more flexible advent, encompassing an area of concern a noticeable change in cost depending upon the area addressed.

The surgery is undertaken after a brief medical history and is usually completed in one or two stages, depending on the areas and the complexity of any given area. Opting for a single sitting, targeting the areas of concern is choice as it is less cumbersome and more economical.

Cosmetic procedures included in a mommy makeover: 

Breast surgery: may comprise a breast lift or breast augmentation with an implant or breast reduction depending on the lady’s requirement. The breast lift and augmentation or reduction are often taken up in the same sitting and restore the size and shape of breasts.

Abdominoplasty: involves liposuction and tightening of separated abdominal muscles, thus strengthening the midsection and narrowing the waist. Depending upon the amount of excess skin and tissue removed, the surgery is classified as a mini or extensive tummy tuck.

Lower abdominal skin with stretch marks is removed as the final correction.

Arm and thigh lifts and Liposuction: Are added at an extra cost to the treatment plan.

Face Rejuvenation: Elective procedures such as Lasers, dermal fillers, and Botox for fine lines and wrinkles are often added to the treatment package on demand.

The 3 C’s of mommy makeover package

1.) Candidate: An ideal candidate should be in good health, following a healthy lifestyle, and should be close to their target weight. Since there is downtime involved, followed by a period of limited activity, the candidate must arrange for help at home.

2.) Concern: It’s best to opt for the surgery when childbearing is complete. The risks involved are the same as that of any surgical procedure, such as discomfort, infection, bleeding, and fluid collection. The incisions made, leave a scar but heal well. It’s advisable to follow up with your surgeon on this concern.

3.) Costs: Since a cosmetic procedure, it’s not covered by insurance, but most practitioners have financing plans available. The cost varies by location and depends upon the fees for the surgeon, anesthesia, and value of the operating room. Medical tourism can help here by offering the most affordable prices without compromising the quality and international medical standard

Motherhood is, by far, one of the most life-changing experiences, and inarguably adds a rewarding dimension to a woman’s life. With the advancement in medical science, it is now possible for a woman to have the best of both worlds.