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How Aromatherapy Helps the Cold and Flu


How Aromatherapy Helps the Cold and Flu

Cold and Flu period

Cold and Flu period is nearly upon us. I woke up with the dreaded sore throat this morning. Along with the sore throat came the chills, aches, and pains. I wanted to crawl back into bed, but I didn’t. What did I do?

I sprinkled some Tea Tree oil drops into my hot steamy shower. Why? Entirely only, this oil has natural antiseptic and germicide properties. I felt a ton better afterward. My sore throat was gone, and my aches and pains had also subsided.

Need some other suggestions:
Pour about ten drops of Tea Tree oil into a cup of warm water and gargle. This will help to eliminate the bacteria and get rid of the mucus. Do not swallow. Add about ten drops to your diffuser and go to bed. This also helps to kill bacteria and helps with congestion too. It’s best to do this at the onset of cold and flu symptoms.

For children, sprinkle a few drops onto bed linens or their pajamas. Of course, this method also works for adults. It kills the bacteria and helps them breathe easier.
It won’t get rid of your cold or flu entirely, but it helps with the symptoms and helps you cope.

Cold sores? Tea Tree oil can reduce healing time by as much as 60%. Apply the oil to the infected area with a clean cotton swab several times a day. Try to apply the oil at the onset of the cold sore for the most effectiveness.

Mix 20 drops of Tea Tree oil into 2 cups of warm water into a spray bottle. Add a few drops of dish soap. Use it to clean and kill bacteria. It helps to prevent colds and flu.
Use it to clean your keyboard, mouse, cell phones, windows, remote controls, faucets, toilet handles, windows, and light switches. Anywhere where multiple people are touching and where germs can be transmitted.

Tea Tree oil should never be swallowed. It can create severe rashes, blood cell abnormalities, headaches, nausea, and sometimes coma. Always check with your doctor.
It has been practiced for centuries for things like lice, athlete’s foot, skin infections, colds, dandruff, chickenpox, and so much more.

Nature can heal and nurture us. We have to allow it. Believe in nature, and in return, it will take care of you.