front desk

By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan

When taking a position to represent a business, please make sure before applying, you take the position seriously. If you take a position as a receptionist, hostess, greeter, etc., have some class about how you represent the business. From an observation I had with a business, the person/people they had working the front desk was not a good representation of the business.

One receptionist, most times was asleep. Yes, literally sleeping, wherein unless you made a loud noise, she did not hear you. I personally have taken pictures on countless occasions of her sleeping. Then the backup receptionist had no class at all.

Never bring your personal business to work. If you are sitting at the front desk, then you should not have your granddaughter on Facetime, you should not be answering the phone on speaker and you should not be selective about what packages people are informed about. I told her that whatever packages come in for so and so, all comes to me, and then I will distribute.

Yet, when there is something, she thinks the person might give away (gift from a client), she contacts the person herself with the hopes that he says, “go ahead.” Most recently, I received a box of snacks, but the box had a different detail. By the time I went to sign for the box, she pointed out which of the three she wanted. First off, you do not know if it is for me and/or if I purchased it for someone else. Second, wait to be offered. Third, again, have some class.

I hate to go to a business and the first person you meet/greet is distracted by something other than work-related stuff. I have driven through tolls, where the person is in a full-blown conversation and whether you are waiting to be noticed and/or they are taking forever to process the ticket and give you your change. Personally, I know the job gets tiresome, but when dealing with other people’s money, pay more attention.

Another scenario I do not believe in, is when you are a hostess and/or a cashier. When greeting the customer, smile and be courteous to all. There should not be a difference in how you treat the customer, unless sometimes when the customers are just outright rude and even then, ask for a second and call a manager and/or a supervisor. I am sure I am not the only woman who has walked up to a register and/or walked into an establishment and noticed the change of attitude because you are a woman and/or they think you think you all that.

Please take heed to these notes and make sure your business is not being run and/or represented as noted above.