Adapt & Adjust

Adaptation to technology, progress, and life!  As one who has owned a Facebook account almost from the beginning of its inception, and as one who has only full information and used it within the past month and a half, I must say that the re-connection with family and friends past have been nothing short of a blessing.

Who would have thought that my begrudging adaptation to technology would bring so much joy through reminiscing about old childhood times and the happenings both good and evil? How about the resolution and closure on so many things, including past hurts and the settling of affairs through adult acceptance and God’s peace and love?

I am being forced into the strides that technology continues to make and am trying to adapt to the changes and signs of the time — choosing to no longer respond as my mother would, but learning to welcome the newness of what I need to learn and embrace all the benefits that come with it.

In our need for self-fulfillment and a defined destiny, we must know that the adaptation to technology is part of the required adjustment to life, which then provides us the willingness to adapt to progress.

I am grateful for purpose, for it drives my thirst to do more and my quest to help more. Thanks to the resistance are futile resolution and adaptation to FB, and all that comes with it, I can quench my thirst and travel the road towards my quest.