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Success Scaredy Cat

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Success Scaredy Cat

by Stefany J. Jones on Wednesday, June 10, 2009, at 9:13 pm

Everyone is rapid and rather eager to boast their desires to BE successful. As we embark upon life-determining our goals, wishes, desires, needs, wants, and must have’s do we ever stop to attempt to assess and define what the TRUE MEASURE OF SUCCESS is.

Well of course because we each have a unique something about us, a talent given only to us for us, that perception of measure will undoubtedly be different, but more than that the right marker of who we are through and through, from the inside out is evidenced by how we define success.

With a fear to succeed, is it possible that people allow what the subliminal images society has fed them, and what insecure voices place value on to be the standard of success defined on their behalf and adopted by them as gospel?

Well, if that is the case, then I choose to un-learn and un-desire what society has stapled as must-have and instead search the soul God has given to me – to hear what it has to say about success.

And as that soft spirit whispers, I hear that for me – and this is only for me… the accurate measure of my success is waking every morning purposed in love and guided by God’s wisdom so that I can sleep every evening without regret. A life without regret is the success I long for.

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