Which type of individual would you be more likely to be drawn to – one who proactively seeks others out, to have a meaningful conversation, realizing he can learn from everyone’s feedback, etc., or someone approachable?

If you hope to be a great, significant leader, you must be the former, and avoid behaving like the latter! Don’t believe, merely because you don’t hear a lot of negative feedback, etc.; no one has any level of dissatisfaction, concern, etc.! Rather, understand, most people remain within their personal comfort zones, and therefore, say nothing, until and unless someone makes them feel comfortable! To do so, you must strive to become an ENGAGING leader.

1. Empathetic; endearing; example: Are you setting the right sort of example, which others are proud of, and look up too? Leading by example, almost automatically, indicates to those you serve, you are willing to deliver, and not merely be another of those who believe leadership, is a bunch of empty rhetoric and promises! When you care, you become a far more endearing individual! Will you show how deeply you care, but listening far more than speaking (and making others feel comfortable talking to you, by paying attention, and not interrupting), and be empathetic?

2. Needs: Avoid being controlled by your agenda, etc., but rather, focus on the requirements (actual, as well as perceived) of your constituents. Needs-oriented leaders engage others in conversation, and have the best chance of getting their people to answer their call to action!

3. Generate goodwill: How will you generate goodwill? It takes more than desire or empty rhetoric! Will you under – promise, and over – deliver, thus showing others the way? Will they feel you listen and care, and engage you in meaningful conversation?

4. Attitude; articulate: While populist, negative, blame – and – complain, rhetoric, and behavior, might awaken the unhappy, it rarely engages the right types of people, needed to make a change for the better! Proceed with a positive, can-do attitude, and clearly articulate your vision, goals, and plans!

5. Growth: Most organizations, at some point, are challenged by a loss of membership. If this is permitted to foster, it often destroys the group! How will you seek, and what will you do, to generate sustainable growth?

6. Ideas; intents; integrity: Will others care, and be positively driven by the level, and intents of your thoughts? Will they trust you to do what you say? Only if you demonstrate absolute integrity, will you positively engage your constituents!

7. New ways and approaches: Far too often, well-intentioned individuals are hindered, by their reliance on the same – old, same – old, and, end up losing the attention of those they serve, because the message becomes stale and uninteresting! How will you introduce new ideas, ways, and approaches, which enhance interest, and get others to believe, together, progress is just around the corner?

8. Get it!: Why do so few get it? Even if they’ve been properly, thoroughly trained, why does it so often appear, they just don’t get it?

If you want to make a difference for the better, you must aim to become an ENGAGING leader? Are you ready, willing, and able to take that next step?