What Are The Ways To Become Strong Leader’s?


A leader’s responsibilities are often, quite varied, and somewhat complicated. Authentic leadership is rarely a one – size – fits – all, nor should one either be overly rigid, or flexible! It requires the right degree of balance, and juggling, to arrive at the best way to proceed, and, even then, one must be ready, willing and able, to plan, to address contingencies, in an efficient, effective, seamless way! There are many options and alternatives, and one should take this task seriously. While making a decision, and doing so in a timely way, is generally essential and necessary, a great leader always proceeds, in a well-considered manner, identifying his choices, and opting for the path, he believes, will best serve his organization’s needs and priorities. Leaders must CONSIDER options and choices.

1. Clarity – choices: How can anyone make the best choice, unless he begins with clarity – of – mind, and a clear understanding of the needs, priorities, obstacles, concerns, and alternatives? It must be done, with, eyes – wide – open, so one can effectively plan, and consider possible ramifications, and contingencies.

2. Options; opportunities: How will you determine your viable options and alternatives? What criteria will you use? How will you consider factors, information, and facts? Are you confident your points, are truly factual? Will you be ready, willing, and capable of seizing upon the best opportunities, which present themselves, or creating your chance?

3. Needs; nuances: Be careful to avoid the trap of believing you know what others perceive, care most deeply about, or seek? Listen more than you speak, so you might better identify and understand needs, priorities, and concerns! Be willing to use a varied approach, and don’t let your comfort zone, limit your possibilities! A true leader understands his constituents, and used a well – considered, planned, and nuanced approach!

4. Strengthening, sustainable system: Don’t get overwhelmed by today’s challenges, and avoid taking short-sighted, myopic actions! The primary goal a leader should seek is creating, developing, and implementing, a strengthening, sustainable system.

5. Ideas; interests: Are your interests in sync with those you serve, and your organization’s mission? How will you introduce ideas, which inspire, motivate, and address significant challenges?

6. Delve deeply; deliver: True leaders always delve deeply, so as not to make decisions, based on incomplete information, and assumptions. Once you’ve decided how to proceed, you are only a leader, if you effectively deliver on your promises and ideas!

7. Empathy – excellence: It’s not about the leader, but rather about the organization and its constituents. Listen effectively, care genuinely, and proceed with the highest degree of empathy! Never accept good – enough, but drive yourself forward, and seek excellence!

8. Relevant; relate; reach: Simply doing something, appearing busy, or even creating programs, does not make someone a real leader! Ask yourself if what you are doing is truly relevant, and try harder to relate, to those you serve! Reach out to others, and work together, towards a brighter future!

Leaders have choices and options, and how they proceed, often determines their success (or failure). How will you CONSIDER options?