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Leadership Strategies

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Perhaps the greatest obstacle to effective leadership can consistently handle the often – numerous barriers and challenges, which stand in their path! In addition to the many necessities and assets, one must possess, it is often the responsibility of a leader, to also protect his group, from both internal, as well as external forces, which stress and strain, its existence! Doing this requires a high degree of finesse, balancing providing a quality experience, with assuring the organization, will stay – the – course, and remain true to its principles, heritage, mission, and vision? If you are to serve as a leader, how will you protect your group, and remain, on GUARD?

1. Generate goodwill; growth: Organizations which fail to grow for any significant period, often tend to stagnate and diminish! What will you do to foster growth and excellence? Will you proceed in a cooperative, buck – stops – here manner, it will you resort to blaming and complaining, thus creating an adversarial atmosphere? Guarding one’s group means one must do all he can to generate goodwill and inclusiveness!

2. Useful; usable: Are your goals, plans, and actions, beneficial? Will your ideas be valuable and usable, or merely, empty rhetoric?

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention: Before you become a leader, be sure it is your calling and something you genuinely want to do! If so, proceed consistently with a positive, can-do attitude, and be careful, to pay attention to anything, which might impact your results, etc.!

4. Relevant; reasonable; rationale; responsible: Leadership is not about doing something, but rather doing essential things! Are you rational and logical, in your ideas and expectations? Can you, and are you willing to articulate your thoughts and rationale, in a way which will educate and motivate? Will you accept personal responsibility, and hold yourself responsible, for delivering on promises and needs, and doing your best?

5. Delve deeply; deliver: Think beyond the obvious, because many times, crucial issues, concerns and needs, lie below the surface! Will you, therefore, commit, to consistently delve deeply, and discover what must be achieved and addressed? Will you persevere and persist, until you fully deliver on your promises, and protect your organization, to the best of your abilities?

If you want to be a leader, you must be ready, willing, able, and prepared, to consistently GUARD your organization, and its best interests! Are you one of the rare individuals, who will be an actual, real leader?


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