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What to Expect in Your 30’s: Here are things to look forward to!

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What to Expect in Your 30’s: Here are things to look forward to!

There are definitely some life changes you can look forward to and expect in your 30’s. You might have often heard the phrase, “thirties are the new twenties.” And it’s true; the thirties really are a period in life unlike any other. Adults commit these years to lay a solid foundation of maturity through career moves, family shifts, and major financial resolutions. So, if you will soon approach this milestone birthday or are already thirty and thriving, there’s no doubt that you might have noticed some life changes.

The thirties are a time that causes consternation for many people. You feel like your life has become super serious with the narrative that comprises career changes, the inability to let loose and have fun, and not to mention the raging matter of settling down. According to research, 75 percent of adults between the ages of 25 to 33 experience quarter-life crises.

However, the truth is, your thirties are not something you need to fear. During this time, you experience a new side of you that you had never seen before. While the sword of major life decisions is still hanging over your head, you need to take things in stride and go with the flow.

The reason is rooted in science. The cerebellum is directly related to how we think, and it has not finished growing in our twenties. Even though we are in our thirties, our brains are still changing, pruning away vacant connections and strengthening the ones that linger. Furthermore, as our brain sharpens, our personalities begin to settle. Together with the life-changing experiences in our twenties, these shifts shape our identities and make us who we are.

At the age of thirty, a sense of acceptance begins to settle in. But what leads us to this stage? There are some significant life changes, and not to mention, Saturn’s return adds an astrological aspect to the whole phenomenon.

Let’s take you through these life changes and explain how Saturn’s return might affect your golden decade.

Life Shifts You Should Expect in Your Thirties
You need to be aware of some significant life shifts as you enter this great decade and make the most out of it.

Get Ready to Settle In
We mean personality! That’s right. By the time you’re thirty, you’re more you than ever. You know what you like, have a firm set of values that you believe in, and have finally accepted and settled into your personality. From the people in your life and your career choices to relationship drama, you know exactly what you like and what you don’t.
This is also a good time to develop some much-wanted skills or make incremental change because chances are, they’ll stick.

Some Major Career Growth
As mentioned above, major career shifts and decisions happen during this time. It stands to say that your personality strengthens, and you’re more familiar with your interests and skills. Most women may achieve salary growth, which will significantly impact their earnings.

Harmony Replaces Drama
A night out with friends doesn’t mean painting the town red anymore. While you still enjoy nights out on the weekends, the focus shifts towards indulgence and making memories. Nevertheless, you might struggle more while juggling family, friends, relationships, and careers.
Whatever the case, the need for harmony is stronger than ever.

Final Thoughts
Your thirties is an inevitable part of getting older.
Here are some tips to help you through this seemingly turbulent phase of your life.

Practice Self-care: Allow yourself to make mistakes and give yourself time to recover.

Patience: Many great things will happen, but also many not-so-great things will happen too. The key is to ride the wave.

Have a Solid Support System: Have someone to lean on through this emotional time.

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