by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 9, 2009, at 11:09 pm

When we release negative situations from our minds, bodies, and spirits, we become freed from them. Then we are at peace, and it doesn’t bother us or phase us anymore. We can then not care at all about it.

It has no impact on our lives and joy. We are then free to get back into ourselves and our destined work and keep it moving. No more pain just comfort from the goodness and richness that God is bestowing and will place before our feet.

He will make every crooked path straight. He will protect you, guide you, and bless you bountifully from that which you have sowed. He will abundantly bless and keep and restore when necessary. And if you’ve made a mess, he’ll come and clean that up and fix that for you too—the same with mistakes.

Know in your heart and soul that God knows all, sees all and controls all. There is no escaping the power or mightiness of the Father… the great I AM is mighty indeed. Know that when you are dealing with the spiritual in the natural sense, there is no match. When you are dealing with the natural in the spiritual sense, there is no match. The spiritual lead to win and conquer every time.

That is probably why people work so hard over working smart. They spend their entire lives and life savings, and life energies in the pursuits of “mirages” – (Mirrored Images of Illusions) – the false hopes of one’s lustful desires… which are of no merit to the true self, but quenching of a greedy thirst. The pursuits that are soon discovered to have been futile and a waste once reality sets in.

It is for that cause and that cause alone; I choose the spiritual over the natural every time. I have learned the hard way that when I have chosen the natural, I have lost and continue to drop. People who are not yet elevated to the “truth” live better in the natural because they don’t know the difference. But for the “elect” to whom all things have been foretold, to whom many things have been revealed – to live in the natural is a purgatory that yields a constant wedge between the relationship with Father.

So today, for those who understand what power is in THE NAME, for those who have knowledge and enlightenment of the keys to this life and the life hereafter, to you I say — declare the correct release of the unwanted, the negativity, the strife, the pain, the heartache, the frustration, the turmoil, the fear, the uncertainty, the regret, the ego, the pride, the insecurity, and envy and know that the great I AM is all you need to be the great U ARE!