Enjoying a Once In a Life Time Trekking Break While You Raise Money for Charity


More and more avid trekkers are opting for exciting trekking challenges all around the world, and they’re raising money for charity as they do it.

Trekkers are able to choose their dream trekking locations, like the base camp at Everest or opting to do a charity climb of Kilimanjaro.

These types of trekking challenge stretch the talents of experienced trekkers, and by raising money for charity, they are not only helping others as they climb, but they are also giving themselves a goal and a reason to make it to the summit!

Many individuals opt for joining pre-organized charity treks where the trip is pre-planned with set routes and experienced guides. All the trekkers have to do is choose their charity and gather their sponsorships. Most of the reputable trek organizers don’t have minimum fundraising criteria in order to join. There will a set price for the planned trek, including your travel and accommodation, and then what you raise for the charity is your responsibility.

Thousands of trekkers successfully raised significant sums of money to help charities all over the world. Some chose charities close to their hearts, like cancer research charities or organizations that support certain illnesses that are meaningful to their families. Children’s charities are particularly popular amongst trekkers too.

The sense of individual success and happiness that can be gained from having reached a difficult peak after a deep, difficult trek is made even more meaningful when you know every step you take is aiding someone less fortunate than you.

It is an amazing way to present yourself something while you give something back. Many trekkers choose charities from their home town or give the money they raise to local schools or church groups.

If you are a keen and experienced trekker and have always dreamt of reaching Everest base camp or reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro, why not add an extra special dimension to your trip by making it special for a deserving charity too.

A charity trek to Everest base camp will give you the most amazing views of the world’s highest peak. This trek will lead you through the world’s highest, most breathtakingly beautiful mountain range – the Himalayas in Nepal.

Or, if you prefer the stunning views of the African plains when you reach the summit, a charity trek up Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, is the choice for you. With amazing 360 degree views you will never forget and a tough climb to achieve, the addition of raising much-needed funds for your favorite charity will make it the trip of a lifetime and life-changing for you and the recipients of all the fundraising you do.

Take pictures as you trek so you can share your epic journey with your chosen charity. Many charity trekkers have shared their experiences in blogs, photo diaries, and some have even written books about their experiences and the personal challenges they faced to make it to the top.

A charity trekking holiday is not for the faint-hearted – they are for the dedicated and determined trekker who wants to make a difference to their own life and the lives of others.