by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 21, 2020, at 1:00 pm

These last two days have been extremely hectic for me. I AM transitioning out of a period in my life that has been 20 years in the making, and it’s incredible. I remember buying my first piece of real estate in 1987, and my first primary residence piece of real estate in 1995. Since that time, God-blessed, and I’ve owned three houses, two duplexes (two apartments each), and a retail store. I’ve bought a total of 4 houses, two duplexes, a retail store, 18 acres of land, and a few things here and there. Real estate was never a hobby or something that I desired to do, it just sort of fell into my lap and became one of my many talents, a gift in the ‘un-knowing of things, and most definitely a blessing in disguise in the long run.

Here it is 20 years later, and as I AM going through this MAJOR, a VERY MAJOR transition in my life from all fronts I am amazed at where I’ve been, what I’ve survived going through, and most of all what’s to come.

Now while I always come from the VOICE of relationships, because I believe that is the SOURCE of all that IS in the duality of the universe… I know that lessons learned through our ‘having’ relationships transcend into who we are as people, friends, business partners, colleagues, and neighbors.

I believe that all of what we have been thru and the mistakes made were in the “PREPARATION” for the NOW. If you want to look at it in God’s eyes…he says the first shall be last and the last shall be first…that your latter will be GREATER THAN your past… so I AM so good where I am. I do notice that the more mighty and powerful I get in God, the more I AM sent distractions to test my commitment and my learning. I personally at 41yrs do not have time to keep repeating old lessons, so when something in me returns to the familiar characteristics of my more past and lower self, I look towards prayer with my higher SELF to resolve it.

In terms of LIFE itself, this transition of my period of LOSS of THINGS is being met with a lot of mixed emotions. I have my moments when I grieve for certain ‘aspects’ of the loss, but NEVER have a problem with the losing of the THINGS in the first place.

I have always personally believed that GOD has blessed me w/everything for my enjoyment for whatever moment He sees fit and I AM both resolved and completely ok when the time comes for Him to transition me through removal. I have learned in my love of SELF, and I AM, that external things have no value unless we place value upon it. Unfortunately, we are instructed that our ‘measure’ is based on what others draw as conclusions and perceive about us…usually, we mistakingly believe that is by what we drive, how we dress, what we look like, where we live, who’s in our circle, and what we’ve accumulated and accomplished…when the TRUTH is quite simple, the measure of us is in WHO WE ARE, WHO WE CHOOSE TO BECOME and nothing more than that.

I know that with all I have realized and learned, I AM still living this VERY HUMAN EXPERIENCE with VERY HUMAN emotions. As far as relationships are concerned, no one is perfect, and this is a constant b/c it is in our nature to want to be mated w/our significant others…however, for me… I don’t wish to A man or A boyfriend or A husband… I can have that with one phone call to many people who have been that for me before and still wait in the wings for me to be that now… I AM holding out for THE MAN, THE BOYFRIEND, THE HUSBAND b/c the DNA of my bones fits only one ribcage, and I’m not holding up his favor any longer than I already have. Prayerfully whoever and wherever on this planet, that he is, he feels the same is doing the same, and one day, we will finally meet, and both of our KNOWING will be confirmed.!

That is why I AM single too. I usually get bored sooner rather than later, and I have yet to meet a man with (1)Enough discernment to know my value and (2)The courage to walk by faith. Also, I AM so spiritually motivated, dream driven, and destiny bound that I understand I AM much too much for most people so for someone even to have the skill to inspire me in that manner I believe has only happened once in my lifetime…too bad we had different religious belief systems (and a meddling EX)…lol

As strange as this may sound, I do believe in almost every instance we tend to attract some part of who we are as others. Even if it’s what we don’t want in a significant other, having the energy of “not wanting” is still energy and is projected and returned to us. I would say that I have noticed that sisters (myself in times past included) attract those less than who we are either b/c we have that ‘rescue’ mentality or that notion that we’re trying to be the everything to a man so he can be the everything back to us in return when the truth of the matter is until we are EVERYTHING to ourselves and come to a space and place of comfort in sending the energy out to the universe of HEALTHY DESIRES then that THE MAN for us, the one whose rib we are made from, the one who will automatically recognize His DNA in us, cannot be.

Well, it’s like this for me… I spent so much of my life and time searching for “MY OTHER HALF” that I decided the other half I was looking for was ME and IN ME all the time.!!! I’ve been happy ever since. We are all works in progress, being perfected through our relationships with one another. The ultimate love relationship does not have to be defined by the husband/wife partnership…the ultimate LOVE relationship is that intimacy you experience w/the one who created you out of love to love and be love in the first place. Unless there is a need in the manifestation for THAT love in the flesh, THAT love in the spirt and other LOVE relationships through family and friends will have to be sufficient.

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