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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Top 9 Picking Jewelry Items That Will Transform Your Look

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Picking jewelry pieces is a stressful job because it can make or break your entire look. If done right, jewelry can add the right amount of sparkle to your outfit and make you look fab.

Sometimes, a simple ring or an elegant necklace is enough to transform your outfit. Our magazine for women has a number of tips and tricks on styling. 

Here are a few on how to pick your jewelry.

Hoops Never Go Out of Style

Hoops are the easiest way to keep your outfit casual while adding some bling. No matter how small or big your hoops, they add a chic look to any outfit you wear. Not only that, but hoops are just as casual as they are formal. For a party look, you can opt for colorful hoops for a trendy look or opt for gold or silver ones for a toned down and sophisticated look. Regardless of what style you prefer, a pair of hoops is a must-have item in your jewelry collection.

A Classy Pendent

Pendants are another must-have jewelry piece; they quite literally go with any look and style without drawing too much attention. Pendants are great when you want your outfit to shine; they give the right amount of sparkle to keep the attention on you and not only your jewelry. If you’re going for a bold look with heavy makeup and flashy clothes, a pendant can act as a belt and bring the whole look together. There are several kinds of pendants, but stone pendants never go out of style. A small red or blue stone pendant is all you need to take your style up a notch.

Don’t Forget About Rose Gold

Sometimes we need to focus less on type and more on color. Traditional gold, silver, bronze, and even black jewelry items are great, but there’s something about rose gold that captivates the eye. A simple rose gold chain is much more effective in making a statement and drawing attention than either silver or gold. At the same time, a heavier piece can easily blend in with your outfit and keep everything minimal.

Pearls For  Dinner Party

Let’s face it: there’s no higher level of sophistication than pairing a pearl necklace with a black dress. The look is perfect for a date night, a fancy dinner, and even a formal gathering. The main issue is the sort of pearls you should pick. Perhaps you can pair the pearls with a statement stone like the one that Princess Diana famously donned? The final choice comes down to several factors, like what sort of event is it? How formal is your dress? Do you want to make a bold statement or keep things a bit casual? Nevertheless, a pearl necklace is a fine addition to your jewelry collection.

Earrings That Steal The Spotlight

It’s not always a necklace that brings the look together. Sometimes, you have to let the earrings shine. Earrings come in many different shapes and sizes, but not all of them can be stand-alone jewelry pieces. Some of them need to be paired with a necklace to look good. However, some earrings can carry the look by themselves. These are mostly the heavier earrings with a lot going on in terms of bling and design. These heavier pieces look good when paired with simple outfits that allow the earrings to draw attention.

Bold Chunky Necklace

Chunky necklaces are all the rage these days. They’re made of pearls, stones, beads, and even charms and go well with almost any casual outfit. Braided necklaces are probably the most fun jewelry pieces you can own. They add character and personality to any outfit (even the ones that you hate) and make you look cool and preppy. 

A Statement Ring

Enough about the earrings and necklaces. What about rings? Rings don’t get the same attention as other pieces of jewelry. Most of the time, people opt for statement rings when they’re dressed to the nines and stick to their wedding bands or boring simple rings otherwise. But big stone rings look great when paired with a casual look. That’s because, unlike necklaces and earrings, they don’t grab that much attention, but they still prevent your outfit from looking simple and plain.

Add A Brooch For A Fancy Dinner

People only talk about brooches when someone mentions Queen Elizabeth. This seems about right because the rest of us don’t get invited to dinners and galas with other important people in attendance. However, brooches are a great way to bring any dull outfit to life. Moreover, they are a good option when you don’t feel like wearing a lot of jewelry. You can opt for smaller brooches if you’re attending a family dinner or choose the big ones for a company dinner or a wedding.

A Couple Of Stud Earrings

Studs aren’t talked about enough, maybe because people don’t give them much attention when discussing jewelry pieces. That’s exactly what makes them such a great choice. If you’re someone with a lot of ear piercings, studs are the best way to show them off without looking tacky. Studs are small and don’t have a lot of bling, so you can add as many as you want without going overboard.

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