The Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Purpose in Life

passion and purpose in life

How many women can seriously stand up and say that they’ve found their true passion in life? Start by asking yourself. Do you think you’ve unearthed your passion in life? Do you think you’re fulfilling what your purpose in life was? 

The answers to these questions almost always remain the same. People generally distance themselves from their purpose in life because they’re misdirected and feel like they don’t have answers to the important questions concerning purpose and passion. 

We overthink, try too hard to figure things out, and force progress rather than waiting for natural progression. Trying to move things forward can get in the way of you and your passion in life as you fail to unearth the actual purpose. 

If this introduction doesn’t quite make sense to you, keep reading. You know the questions you have in mind for your passion. But what you don’t know is that the answers to these questions lie within you as well. 

What Does Passion Mean?

Interestingly, we have turned passion into an object of pleasure. Something that will give us the happiness we crave in life. Something that can be had and acquired through purpose, money, or whatever else you dream about. 

For many of us, fulfillment at the very moment is often considered passion. However, passion, in the true sense of literature, is just a word. Like other words, it directly points to a world of meaning beyond itself. 

For ages, we have associated the idea of passion with radical change. Womenkind believes that following their passion requires drastically quitting their jobs or leaving their families for greener pastures somewhere else. 

Passion doesn’t necessarily have to do with starting afresh. Following your power means taking baby steps to listen to what your heart has to say. Be grateful, but also leave room to follow the silent nudges and inclinations of your heart. 

Determine What’s Keeping You from Your Passion

One of the essential facets of unearthing your passion and purpose in life is understanding what’s keeping you from it. Some of us have an evident fondness for life. We’re born with specific skills and get to unearth them at a young age. These talents turn into skills, and we develop a fondness for them. 

Take a look at the kids around you. Kids tend to have natural talents and inclinations. They are interested in specific skills, and a brief study of their interests can tell what they will end up being passionate about later in their life. 

However, a majority of us don’t have a distinct skill set that we’re passionate about. You may even ask yourself at some point, ‘what am I supposed to do with my life?’ or ‘what is my passion and purpose in life?’

That is what we hope to guide you in this article. Before we offer directions on how to unearth and achieve your passion, let us first look at a few factors that make the process difficult. 

Pressure from external peers and influence is often the root evil holding people from following their passion and purpose in life. We tend to satisfy people more than we do ourselves and eventually forget to unearth what we want to do. 

How to Unearth Your Purpose in Life

Acknowledging and working towards your true purpose in life is a hallmark of successful people. Look at successful entrepreneurs, sports stars, and even corporate professionals. They took the time out to understand their purpose in life and then eventually followed that with all the energy and enthusiasm they could gather. 

After our brief introduction of factors that could be obstructing your journey to your passion, it is time now for us to mention our detailed tips on how to unearth your true love and find out what you’re meant to be in life. These tips will help you get started. 

Explore Things You Love Doing

Almost all of us are born with a meaningful and profound purpose in life that we have to discover during the length of our time in this world. Fortunately, your purpose is not something you have to build from scratch. You don’t develop your purpose; you find it. Finding it would help genuinely give you the fulfillment you want in life. 

You can start to discover your purpose in life by exploring these two things: 

  • What is something that comes naturally to you? 
  • What is it that you love doing? 

Of course, it takes some time and effort to turn your talents into a skill. Ask even the most gifted musician, and they’ll let you know just how much time it took them to perfect their skills and practice their vocal cords. 

However, the one thing that sets pursuing your purpose in life from pursuing other things is just how natural it feels. Think of following your true purpose in life as rowing downstream, while acquiring other skills may seem like rowing upstream. Any bets on which of the two is more natural and smooth? 

Look at things you love to do. Do you love organizing events? Do you love leading people? Do you love bringing individuals together? Take a peek into your daily life and find things you naturally love doing. 

Look for Qualities you Enjoy Expressing.

Sit down and ask yourself about the qualities you most enjoy expressing and spreading in the world around you. The rates you like saying could be joy, care, organization, love, and others of nature. 

Once you do find out these qualities, look at how you follow to express these qualities in your daily life. For instance, someone who likes speaking love and joy could prefer doing so by motivating and empowering people near them. These are good traits for a leader to have. 

Similarly, the qualities you express and how you express them would help you arrive at your particular purpose and passions. Passions aren’t just meant to be roles that buy you a million-dollar estate. Instead, your true love spurs from the little moments you express and record during your daily life. 

Create a Purpose Statement for Your Life

A life purpose statement can do wonders in actually helping you unearth your purpose and passion in life. Take a few moments from your weekend off and write down a detailed description of what you want the world to look like if it were operating perfectly by your standards. 

Do not go for clichéd dreams such as world peace and others of nature, but try to envision something you want to see around you. Some people expect a world where everyone lives to their full potential and achieves the goals they want. 

Once you have a detailed document of the purpose you want in life, you should jot it down and summarize it in a statement. 

Decide Where you See Yourself.

Use your inner compass and inspiration to find out where you see yourself in life. Use your inner compass to figure out what you want in life and where you see yourself going. Once decided, you can lock in your objectives as goals and visualizations and start progress towards these objectives. 

Everything you express a preference, you are expressing an intention for the future. A seat by the window, a room with a view of the ocean, a soothing relationship with someone you love. All these visualizations help you get nearer to your ultimate purpose. 

Listen to Yourself

The most crucial part of finding and following your passion in life is to listen. You could term this in several ways; listen to your wisdom, calling, God, or even your heart. The fact is that labels do not matter, as long as you listen to the slight nudges and voices from within you. 

Once you start listening to yourself and this voice, you will be able to tell just where you’re being driven. Learn to follow the positivity of life and where it pulls you. Please don’t consider it the same as making rash decisions and living through impulse. You’re using your practical mind to make decisions that you know will benefit you in the long run. 

The best time to listen to yourself is when you’re focused and in a precise mood. Everything looks dull and gray when you’re in a bad mood, and the world might seem against you. Wait for a more apparent mood to arrive because only then will your purpose and intentions be clear. 

Take Baby Steps

To reiterate what we have already mentioned above, finding your purpose in life is not about taking giant leaps and implementing radical changes in how you conduct yourself and other factors related to you. 

After listening to yourself in a clear mood, it is time to think of a tiny step you can take to go in the direction you’re pulled. 

Problems arise when we try to do too much to achieve our passion. It is easy to tell when you’re trying to do too much through the feelings of inadequacy, frustration, and being lost. Try to stay grounded within the present and do what you can in the present, with what you have. 

Keep Adjusting with Time

passion and purpose in life


Achieving your true purpose in life and living a passionate life is all about realizing the role of modifications with time. Passion is not an object to be performed; instead, it is a feeling of fulfillment and joy. Change is the only constant in the world, and you have to update your passion and purpose with life changes. 

If you’ve got dreams and ambitions, now is the time to start working towards them. Learn to self-reflect and envision a perfect version of yourself and the world around you. Imagine your passion until you’ve worked hard enough to live it.