The Strength To Remain Upright During The Journey

by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 20, 2020, at 1:00 pm

It’s the Monday after the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, and it was absolutely hectic. While the chronicles of what I go through would be better served with my step-by-step accounts through writing and blogging, I’ve yet to bring myself to that. Although, I must admit I believe it’s coming and coming soon.

As I woke up this morning with such gratitude, joy, and peace in my heart and soul, I was thanking God for once again, providing me the opportunity to minister to a willing soul last night. The woman is my sister’s girlfriend, and not only do I admire her (she’s only a couple of years older than me), but we are so much alike. I’ve noticed that the more in alignment and purposed my life becomes, the more I am aligned with those who are just as intended for the same level of greatness, if not more. It is a fascinating movement to be a part of.

There are other relationships in my life that I have had to let go along the way. The letting goes, and the parting of ideas is the most challenging part of anyone’s journey, I’m sure. It is primarily for me because I tend to take so very much to heart. Nevertheless, as I grow and go forward, I realize that not only must I let go of certain behaviors, perceptions, sentiments, and feelings; I must also part with acquaintances, partnerships, friendships, and relationships as well.

I have always taken loyalty seriously and considered anything and everything that I could do wrong under any set of circumstances, that my integrity and reliability would still see any transgression through. After all, the bible says that love covers/hides a multitude of faults and sins, right? It also means that faithful are the wounds of a friend.

More recently I am learning about true friendship and the dynamics of people, their vibes, their energies, and their motivations, I see why I have spent so much time separated and apart from the masses. It has never been as perceived and for snobbish reasons, as much as it has been that I am a ‘feeler’ and the vibrations of others can be somewhat overwhelming when they are not of love, of peace, of kindness, and good intentions.

Sometimes, God wants us to be perfected and strengthened through our weaknesses. That would mean being participatory in things we would rather not, and also in the company of those we usually would not. At times it may also involve developing a stamina and tolerance level for things that were previously disdaining to us so that we may understand the true meaning of patience and compassion.

I know that for me, I am being taught how to mind my tongue… a VERY NEW LESSON for me, trust and believe. It has not been easy, and I slip, slide, and fall more than I don’t, but I still press on determined to learn the lessons that the Universe is teaching to make me a better person. If with every day I wake up, I can be a better me, do better things, make better choices, and better the lives of another in the process; then, I feel my living is precise as it was designed and is instructed to be.

So when people hurt my feelings, perceive me in a way that is unbecoming or contrary to who I am and blame me instead of maybe the lenses in which they ‘see’ things, I will understand and admit any accountability that belongs to me even when others don’t feel the need nor do the same.

At the end of the day, WE ARE ALL PARTNERS sharing in the ebb and flow of the vibrations that exist and happen between us. As long as two parties are engaged, there is a shared responsibility in messages sent, offenses taken, and the exchange of circumstances.

The lesson I am learning about all of that is I must remain energetic, diligent, and develop the endurance that comes with standing tall and upright during the journey, no matter the detours, the construction, the traffic, or the running out of gas if you will, along the way.

In making the most of this thing called LIFE, I must make the most of MY LIFE, and to do that, I must learn to make the most of ME, and that can only come from within.

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