The Foundation – What’s Under Your Clothes?

support and comfort
Pink and black bras on a bed

I love clothing but one of the most important things that too many of us are guilty of ignoring is the undergarments.  It is so important to have the best underwear, under your clothing. I find that this is something I only pay attention to when I know there is a chance someone will see them (locker rooms or vacations with friends), but I understand the need to have strong foundations, to have your outside style appear its best.

They’re referred to as foundations because they do just that; they are the foundations of your “Put Together”. The right bra, smoothing underwear, proper pantyhose, enhancing girdles and perfect panties can be the difference between an amazing outfit or the reason people give you a double take all day.

You want to make sure that your undergarments are useful. While sexy underwear is always a plus it’s not always the best choice for an enhancing appearance. You want your breast to have the most support, your tummy to appear it’s flattest, your thighs & booty, to have its best look. Bumps, ripples, incorrect color under clothing will never be excused. Trust me, even if no one says anything, they’re thinking it!

In my time as a Stylist I’ve joked with my customers I consider myself a “Spanxologist”, [shout out to Spanx], but there are many brands that offer support and comfort for our booty, midsection and thigh area, that a great deal of women find troublesome when looking to achieve the ideal fit, in their clothing.  There are even support items for men these days, with the strongest focus on that difficult mid-section.

These items can be expensive and require special care for maintenance and cleaning. While these things are true, they’re also worth it. If you wash and dry them utilizing the cleaning instructions making sure your soap and water are gentle and that you’ve dried them properly, you can make them last a very long time.

I’m not sure if I’m convinced those waist cinchers are the best idea. All I can think of are the corsets women use to wear in times past, where their organs were squished and they were known to regularly pass out, in public. Some women swear by them, removing all fat and giving this amazing sexy look. Everyone wants an amazing hour glass figure! I’m so intrigued by this concept but remember, this is a temporary fix and will never substitute, for taking the best care of yourself. Do what feels right for you!

The undergarments I find most impressive right now are the ones which offer excellent support (great fabric), smooth appearance with as few seams as possible and a focused color palette. I think what is the most frustrating is the concept of “nude” and who exactly looks “nude” in it. Don’t let this idea frustrate you. Black and nude seem to be the most useful. White looks nice, but isn’t the most practical. Pink is very pretty, but doesn’t always offer an invisible option under light colored clothing and Red; don’t get me started! Find what will work best for you. The most important part is the support and comfort. The underwear companies are finally moving in the right direction regarding the color “nude” and realizing that we all have a different nude color and I have faith in the positive direction.

I could write a book, on this subject! I started to develop at the age of 8 and have needed proper support, of the pectoral muscle most, of my life. The struggle is real! Good bras are expensive, pretty bras are nice, but do not always offer the best support or value, for the price. A good bra is not where you should skimp and what justifies running not walking, for a good sale. A good bra will help support your breast, for that run I was just mentioning, help preserve the tissue of the bust, your back and can even improve your breathing. The right support can improve your workout, posture and your sweaters. Make sure your wearing one that allows for a perky yet smooth appearance and doesn’t give you spillage. Spills of any type are bad but in a bra are particularly unsightly taking away from our smooth, all important “Put Together” look. Spillage in the front or sides is not attractive, uncomfortable and distracting to your great outfit so try your best to avoid this issue. This is a great place to enlist professional help. I think bra fitters are under utilized genius and should be treated accordingly. Take their sage advice and move forward with enhancing the delicate tissue, of your chest. Again I’ll say, it may not always be pretty, but it should always feel good. Being supported (emotionally and physically) is usually a very good feeling.

I’ve always had a difficult time with hosiery but sometimes you just have to have the option. Use the size guide, on the package as a true guide. If it rolls immediately after you put it on, it’s the wrong size. If you find a color, type and brand that works for you HOLD ON TIGHT (no pun intended) as this isn’t a fleeting romance. Purchase several at a time, if you love them. This is deep committed LOVE. You’ll also need to make a very personal decision about underwear under the pantyhose. Me, personally, I say none, but for some, this is not a comfortable decision. I can respect that, but now you’ve created one more layer, one more opportunity for bulk and one more opportunity for something to bunch, twist and torque. Weigh your options and make the decision that is smart for you.

Remember, your foundation is pretty much your second skin. While it’s never going to have the amazing color, ventilation, strength and stretch as your real skin, it should have the consistency and support  and comfort needed, as the skin. Look to have the balance between support and comfort of your real skin and you can truly refer into it as your foundation!?