This has been one of the most trying times for so many of us. Even if it’s not the most difficult time you personally have faced, the stress of watching difficulty in and towards others, the collective takes its toll on you.   Sometimes we don’t realize how difficult things are until we come out on the other side and reflect back on what has happened.

Since it’s my job to focus on the fashion portion of this publication I am constantly concerned with how I can contribute and be sensitive, to the crisis at hand. Where I think I can be most helpful is in reminding you to take care of yourself inside and out. The inside is best served with water, healthy foods, and sleep.  The outside is best served with comforts that make you feel hugged and loved.

The best Self Care you can offer yourself is knit clothing. Knits offer warmth, forgiveness, and ease. Look for garments with a comfortable waist and drawstrings. Because of the stretch and ease of yarns stretch knit fabrics are the promise of the future. The wear and forgiveness offer the best solution to the times in which we live.

While I don’t advocate for leggings to always be an essential part of your wardrobe now is the perfect time in history to perfect this garment. Leggings offer warmth, simple comfort and are incredibly versatile. Depending on where you are in the world leggings can be used as an initial layer of clothing, workout wear, and a quick item to run errands or do nothing at all. Feel free to layer up with another pair of pants or even a second pair of leggings if needed for warmth.

T-shirts are excellent because they’re easy to clean, offer an initial layer of warmth, and can be incredibly expressive, in any idea on the planet. Graphics tees can express politics, spirit, humor, passion as well as be offered bright colors, stripes, and prints.

Sweaters can be almost anything. Pullovers, button-ups, turtlenecks, and cardigans; sweaters offer warmth, color, and the ultimate expression of comfort. Enough said.

Sweatshirts are the least formal but also have their place,  in the comfort food chain. Sweatshirts offer whimsy can offer bright color and graphic expression and recently have been given opportunities to offer more fun.  Different lengths of sleeves, alternative colors, and changes in details such as gathers, embroidery, and ruffles give offer differences incomparable to sweaters and T-shirts.  Let the sweatshirts be the fun part of your comfort wardrobe.

You can still find comfort/self-care in dresses, joggers, jeans, and jumpsuits. While these garments have a tendency to offer more restrictions than options there are so many ideas that your self-care comfort is still located, in these garments.

Define your self-care as you see best. While we may all not look as polished as we did a year ago, we’ve gained the knowledge and ability to realize how important it is for us to appreciate our health and well-being.

Health is wealth; we’ve learned the importance of this statement more than ever right now. Use it and allow all aspects to aid your comfort in life.

Happy health.?