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Phee Brown

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Phee Brown is a multifaceted independent artist whose talents include; actress, singer/songwriter. The Philadelphia native who released her first single, “Another Sad Love Song,” on July 23, 2021, was written by Phee Brown and Barry (B.C.) Carter and produced by D. Future. Another Sad Love Song explores her appreciation of vintage R & B as she has a love for all genres. Her second single,” What Ya Say,” is set to be released in 2022. She desires to make good music for the soul and showcases her depth of passion and skills.   

Some of Phee’s theatre performances in off-Broadway productions include Little Shop of Horrors, Hair Spray, and Smokey Joe’s Café. 

Phee has also appeared in commercials that include B-101 radio and My 106.1 radio to mention a few.

More music will be coming in the near future, and she is planning a music release party. Phee has worked with many great musicians such as Alfred Pollitt, James Solomon, and Walt Sorey. They recently worked on a Juneteenth song called “No Longer Bound,” which she sang lead; with a future release date. 

Any stage is home for Phee Brown, with God and family as her inspiration. Music is her true love. Her career spans over twenty years, and throughout that time, she has performed in many musical ensembles, bands, and shows within the Tri-state area and through the east coast. Phee also had the opportunity to take her talents to an international platform when she toured with Party Central in Morocco. Stay tuned for updates regarding the official release of single number two, “What Ya Say.” 

You can find Phee’s first single, “Another Sad Love Song,” at the links below:   





Email:  pheebrown.theartist@gmail.com


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