Dominique Lewis

“Once you know your worth, you are unstoppable.”

Dominique Lewis was born and raised on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, but currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Dominique is this month’s Hometown Hustle Mama showing us how she handles a work-life balance and still maintains her peace.

Dominique is the creative mind behind three (3) companies that she started. Dominique started Slather Bath & Body in 2012. Slather Bath & Body is a skincare and self-love brand. She creates natural skincare that helps you get smooth, clear skin and leaves an all-day glow. Along with great skincare products, they also sell journals, which help women build healthy habits and regain their boundaries of peace. Next, in 2016, she started her next company, Profits N Coffee. Profits N Coffee has been providing admin solutions for women entrepreneurs so they can focus on their growth and productivity. Dominique’s next baby (all things created are definitely our babies) is The Wright Destination. The Wright Destination was started in 2018 and provides Caribbean and cruise vacations. Our favorite vacations to plan are family reunions. Their motto “Tell us your dream vacation and we make it a reality.”

Day-to-day, Dominique handles a work-life balance, but she makes sure to maintain her peace by taking time out of her busy schedule for herself. Dominique has been happily married for 26 years and she is the mother to five (5) beautiful young adults and one awesome grandchild. When Dominique is not running her businesses, she loves to spend time with her family, cook, and travel. Additionally, in her spare time, she likes to rest her mind by binge-watching TV shows. It’s rare to have spare time to just sit during a typical day, so she makes sure at least once a week, she gets her family together to cook, watch a couple of hours of TV and find out the latest in each other’s lives.

When I asked Dominique “What are some great things people would say about you”, she said, “I think that people would say that:

I am the calm in the storm and that I am able to jump the gun and
review a situation from multiple sides so that I can clearly understand
and respond in a professional, calming, and caring way.

I work best in a team. I love to see everyone excel in their skills
so that the team can perform and exceed its goals.

They would also say that I am an advocate for the woman wanting
to be her own boss. I love helping women achieve their goals of

Dominique Lewis, you are a true Hustle Mama and we at Hustle Mama Magazine appreciate you and your hustle. To learn more about Dominique Lewis’ companies, feel free to check out her websites:

Social Media Contact:

Slather Bath and Body:
FB: facebook.com/slatherbathandbody
IG: @slatherbathandbody
Website: slatherbathyandbody.org

The Wright Destination:
FB: facebook.com/thewrightdestinations
IG: @thewrightdestinations
Website: thewrightdestinations.com

Profits N Coffee:
FB: facebook.com/profitsncoffee
IG: @profitsncoffee
Website: profitsncoffee.com

“Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules,
and build a life you’re proud to live – Anne Sweeney.”