“There’s nothing that “thinking new thoughts” can’t solve, make happen, or improve. Wow, sent that one just in time, huh? – The Universe”

So kick into high gear and start thinking new and improved positive thoughts. Don’t be afraid of your own dreams, it’s allowed to think big. Many will say to focus on the small things and forget the big dreams because nothing will ever get accomplished if it’s too difficult to reach these goals. These are the naysayers, they are afraid that you WILL reach these big unreachable dreams. Who are they to control how you think, how you dream and how motivated you are to get to where you want to be? You make that decision so just go for what you believe. Do not delay anything. There will be never a perfect moment for anything. Just take that leap of faith and get yourself moving.

Just look at all the great scientists, inventors, artists who pursued their dreams and made them happen. Thomas Edison with the light bulb, Alex Bell with the telephone and the many others who did what they felt was required to make peoples lives a bit easier.

I am sure that if these two mentioned above didn’t pursue their dreams, maybe someone else would have. I am not saying that we wouldn’t have the light bulb, or no telephone if it wasn’t for these two. Someone else would have probably the same dreams and it would depend on them to reach their destination. Edison tried 1000 times to make his light bulb work, and at the 1001 one time, it did.

There will NEVER be success after the first try, but it is your mind that will push forward to the second try, and the third and the thousands of try that might be needed to make it work. Believe in yourself, believe in your product that it will work. Never be afraid, never hesitate, and always be willing to change. Never let insanity kick in by trying the same things over again and expecting different ending results. You need to allow yourself the time and effort and determination to make things work. By changing your thoughts, you can change yourself. New thoughts will open doors to opportunities, and you might change path along the way but at the end, your focus would be the same. Never let go of your dreams, of your passion, of your desire to succeed. Remember that success is not determined by your material assets, but what you did along the way to help others grow and become better people.