For people who are into meditation, one of the most crucial factors for them to properly practice is to hear some meditation music. Depending on the form of meditation you are exercising, meditation music plays a massive role in achieving success in any meditation session.

What should meditation music be?

People who have been practicing meditation for so long would agree that the hardest thing to fight off during meditation is chatters or babblers. This is because this tiny sound can penetrate the mind and distract it from whatever it has been doing.

To be able to avoid the distraction brought by this pure sound, they have found a way to fight it off using meditation music.

Of all the many kinds of music out there, people, especially those who are just beginning, are having a hard time choosing which one would suit the practice.

Here are some guidelines in choosing meditation music for you:

  1. Make sure that it doesn’t have lyrics. In choosing meditation music, it is always best to select music with no songs because it can only distract your concentration. If you find plain rhythm boring, try to play something with lyrics that you don’t understand so you don’t have to think what the song is saying. Besides distracting your thoughts through the words you know, music with lyrics will also encourage you to sing along, which will shatter your concentration.
  2. Relaxing music with soft rhythm is always advisable. For starters, this type of music will do you good because it will help you clear your mind and focus on something. But, if you are already at a higher level of meditation, you can choose music with faster rhythm and beats or anything that you truly enjoy because this can no longer distract you.
  3. Try to experiment. Although soft and relaxing music is always advisable, try to play other types of music. Who knows? You might find a better concentration of you play something that you genuinely enjoy.
  4. Simple and soothing music is sure to focus your attention. If you don’t have the luxury of time to experiment on types of music to be played during meditation, try surefire hits, which are simple and soothing. Some of these may include classical sounds, sounds from nature such as clapping of thunder, big waves, sounds of insects, and the wind. Other alternative options may also include simple instruments including Tibetan singing bowl, flute, sitar, and tamboura, which are known to have meditative inducing qualities.

When choosing meditation music, it is essential to keep in mind that the type you should play must induce deep concentration and not fall into a deep sleep. If you are the type who practices mediation in just one place, then it is best to play the same meditation music all over again. But if you are the type who changes positions, then it is best to bring along several types of meditation music to help you adjust to the place.

You can download the meditation music that you like from various meditation sites on the Internet and burn in a CD. But if you burn have a portable MP3 player, it is best to upload the music there so you can listen to it anytime you want to practice meditation.