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Friday, August 19, 2022
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How to Choose the Right Colors to Compliment Your Skin Tone

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Wearing colors that go with your skin tone can make you look radiant and beautiful. On the other hand, wearing colors that don’t go with your skin tone will make you look dull and tired. But determining which colors you should pick is always a tricky job. There are thousands of colors and shades to choose from.

Several stylists and make-up artists may have talked about undertones and how they determine which color you should wear, but it’s not as straightforward as that. Your undertones, skin tone, hair, and eye colors all greatly determine which color would look good on you. Here are a few tips for women to figure that out.

The Basics Of Undertones

The first step in determining which colors to add to your wardrobe is finding out your undertones. The undertones have the most effect on which colors will look good on you. There are three undertone groups, and each one of us belongs to one of them.

Warm Undertone

Warm undertones are yellowish, gold, or greenish tones in your skin. These skin tones usually prefer warmer colors like yellow, dark reds, warm pink, and purple. The best way to figure out your undertone is through the veins in your wrists. If the veins look greenish, then you have warm tones. These undertones also affect how jewelry, for the most part, looks on you. With warm undertones, you should opt for gold jewelry as it’s more flattering.

Cool Undertone

The second group belongs to cold undertones. You can check for cool undertones the same way you would for warmer ones; the difference is that the veins look purplish with cooler tones. Cooler undertones prefer cool colors like pastels, cool blues, grays, and pinks. Bolder colors can make the skin look paler. As for jewelry, cooler tones prefer silver, platinum, and rose gold but silver is the best option.

Neutral Undertones

What if you look good with both cooler and warmer colors? Chances are, your undertones are neutral. With neutral undertones, you may not be able to detect purple or green veins as your veins are more likely colorless or resemble your skin color. Neutral tones prefer colors that are not too warm or not too cool, so you should look for shades that fall in the middle of the range. Other than that, people with neutral tones look good in most colors. The same goes for jewelry.

Colors For Different Skin Tones

Now that we have figures undertones, it’s time to move on to the actual colors. Just because you have warm undertones doesn’t mean you’ll always look good in gold. Sometimes the results depend on your specific skin tone too.

Pastel Pinks And Purples

Dull pastel colors look better on lighter skin tones with cooler undertones. These colors give the skin a radiant glow and make you look beautiful. The colors also look good on neutral undertones as long as you have a lighter skin color. Fluorescent pastel colors are the best choice for people with darker skin colors and warmer tones.

These colors have a slight shimmer to them that compliments darker skin tones as well as warm undertones. Both of these variations look good for people with neutral tones, but if you are darker, fluorescent is the better option.

Gold And Silver

Today, there are so many variations of silver and gold, especially in fabrics, that the line between warm and cool has blurred. In simple terms, gold goes better with warm tones, while silver goes better with cooler tones. Sparkly silver tones look best on more relaxed styles and lighter skin colors, but people with darker skin colors can wear muted silver that is less sparkly. Similarly, shimmery gold looks gorgeous for people with warmer tones and darker skin colors. However, lighter skin tones can wear a toned-down version of gold that doesn’t make their skin look pale.

Shades Of White

We all have been led to believe that white predominantly looks good on people with lighter skin and cooler tones, but that is not true. Different shades of white such as cream and off-white, can look great on darker and warmer tones too. In comparison, the bright whites suit lighter skins more.

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones like brown, beige, burgundy, and deep orange are more suited to darker skin tones and warmer undertones. That’s because when paired with lighter skin colors, these colors tend to make people look sick. Another reason is that these earthy tones bring out the warmth in darker tones, giving the skin a glow. So, if you have dark skin and warm undertones, you should have a few of these colors in your closet.

Deep Jewel Tones

If you’re someone who has cool undertones and lighter skin and still want to wear darker colors, then jewel tones are best for you. These tones feature dark colors such as emerald green, ruby red, deep purple, and sapphire blues. The shades may look deep, but their undertones are cooler; that’s why they complement lighter tones and give them a sophisticated look.

Tips On Mixing Different Colors

While it’s easier to pick a single color that’ll look good on you, it’s challenging to create an entire outfit using different colors and pieces of jewelry, shoes, and bags that all go together. As a result, most of the time, the ensemble we create in our heads doesn’t translate well in reality. That’s because a clash of colors and skin tones makes everything look messy.

An excellent way to pick different colors for an outfit along with shoes and accessories is to stay in the same undertone group. If you’re choosing a deep red, it’s better to pick gold shoes or jewelry. Similarly, if you’re wearing grey, pairing it with deep blue will make the outfit better.


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