With so many of America’s lives focusing on a new normal, I hope that this article will all be but a memory by the time this article is published. Whether inside or outside, there will be heartfelt notions that can be utilized as our new life After Shelter.

With this year’s “Shelter-In-Place.”

You have/had an opportunity to fine-tune your current wardrobe, remove pieces that are no longer serving you, or to add pieces that can bring you joy.

With most people, looking for projects or trying to find creative ways is to challenge yourself. Review your wardrobe items and find ways to bring in more color, be open to wearing items in a new way (e.g., mixing up that suit to be worn as separates) or bringing new accessories into the mix.

For more immediate thoughts, if there is ever a time to focus on comfy, cozy leisure, it is now. For the After Shelter Lifestyle, think of what you have/had in your everyday comfort, and how you chose to get through it is entirely up to you. I will suggest comfort, warmth, ease, and humor.


Just as consumers use this time to reflect, so are the retailers. There has been such an increase in online sales and the push to keep you excited.

Mrs. Obama has said this situation will give us all the time to reflect on what we need, what we can do without, and seeing what is truly important. While I agree with her sentiment, I also know this unprepared change has forced many businesses out of work.

Retailers are being asked to look for new ways to offer you items and ideas to keep you interested. The overall economic downturn will have individuals paying very close attention to how their dollar is spent. “Table Top” presentation is being discussed, asking the consumer to consider their appearance for their video chat meetings, to offer mental stimulation, and help with our overall situation. These ideas will be to create a new future, where people will be asked to consider how much is necessary. The answer will impact us all. Just as we were asked to take this situation day by day, your overall consumption and necessity should be reviewed in the same way.


I look at this in many different ways. Enjoying a break from the norm isn’t bad; you just need to ask yourself what this break means. Do you put it all away for now and enjoy going natural/casual (no make-up, no hair, comfortable knit clothing) or looking at this opportunity to infuse change into your lifestyle?

By trying new hair routines, colors, or prints in your clothing, accessories, and different make-up ideas can be the shift you need in your After Shelter self.

Think of your Shelter Lifestyle as an excellent opportunity to learn and grow your After Shelter Lifestyle by applying new make-up routines you’ve learned, how that blouse you bought looks surprisingly good with the sweater you’ve had for so long or how it wasn’t that difficult to do those different hairstyles after all.

Maybe none of these ideas came to mind during your Shelter Lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you cannot apply this thought process and bring new insights into your daily dressing. In returning to our healthy lives, I believe so many small challenges will be in front of us, reinventing yourself for mental interest and enjoyment can be one of the changes.


Many designers are asking what this change will ultimately mean for them.

Many Designers will use this time to focus on more explicit messages. What that looks like will be reflected in each designer’s stories.

For some, it will mean focus on fewer pieces to communicate their personal stories. In contrast, others may decide price parameters need to change to offer a completely different perspective to the customers. Others may use this time to tell a strong message of hope or soldier on as they have always done.

Gorgio Armani is asking the press and retail community to be conscious of what this new average looks like, post shelter by not asking for faster and cheaper, and still expect better. The craft of well made, hand-sewn clothing will always require long working hours, which will be reflected in the cost. Maybe the change will have to come in asking not for more, but for better. We must remember for all aspects of our Put Togethers. Treat yourself as the fantastic powerful yet delicate flower you are with garbs, which adorn this message.

No matter what our After Shelter Lifestyle looks like, make sure the most substantial change is reflected in what makes you happy.

Be happy outside by changes, from inside!♥️