Time to Take That Trip, Don’t Fear The Journey

by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 28, 2020, at 1:00 pm

You have been given a ROADMAP to a journey and decide you’ll make the trip. Along the way, you are JOINED by a roadie, and you continue.

Then you get stuck in TRAFFIC and seem to be going nowhere. Things start moving again, and then some ACCIDENT forces YOU to take a DETOUR.

You follow a NEW ROUTE. Since you are already off course, you STOP at a rest stop. While resting, you GAS UP because you know it’s A LONG TRIP.

You FIND your way BACK to the original ROUTE. You take NOTICE along the way the SCENERY, sometimes w/great APPRECIATION.

You also SEE others along with the SAME ROUTE catch up to you and then PASS you. You then start to SEE SIGNS that you don’t have FAR to go.

There’s a TOLL to be PAID, and before you know it, YOU’VE ARRIVED. If you think that chasing this DESTINY that has been DESIGNED for you isn’t real, just follow the DIRECTIONS, use that ROAD MAP, I’ve told you what to EXPECT b/c I’ve taken the trip myself.

Just do it, once you GET THERE, then you can REST!!! Enjoy your day, family.

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