DeLonda Owens Tucker is a native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. DeLonda is a Certified Christian Marriage and Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Minister.  She is the founder of Healthy Relationships, an organization that caters to married and engaged couples.  DeLonda has been a repeat speaker for several conferences and workshops.  She has been a Guest Contributor for several magazine publications, discussing love and marriage, finding love again and blended families.  She has also participated in several radio shows discussing wifehood and marriage.  DeLonda was also honored to be a guest on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), where she discussed the importance of healthy blended families.  DeLonda also does Wife Coaching.  She loves speaking to women sharing her journey of how she became who she is today through many life challenges, loss, as well as learning to forgive and to love again.  She was awarded and received the Motivational Speaker of the Year Award in 2014 and 2017.  The Wise Wife is her debut as an Author, and it is also a dedication to her late mother.  Happily married, she and her husband share 3 children, currently residing in Arizona.  

“We repeat what we do not repair, and what we do not repair, we repeat!”


HMM. What was life growing up for you? What kind of family did you grow up in? 

DOT.  Life growing up for me was full of love, rich in family, morals, and values. I grew up a PK (Pastor’s/Preachers Kid), so that came with its own set of challenges and rules and making sure we were always on point! My father was very strict with lots of rules, but my mother was the lenient one that would help you, walk with you and teach you invaluable lessons. I am the youngest of 6 siblings, so of course, I was very spoiled. Our home was always “the home” to visit. Full of laughter, joy, family traditions and lots of prayer as a family.

HMM.  How do you maintain your integrity in an otherwise very competitive and scrupulous industry?  

DOT.  Maintaining my integrity is not something I struggle with because that was a lesson that my parents taught us.  They always said, “It doesn’t matter who is doing what or saying what, a person’s integrity and character is the only thing that will be remembered by others.” I never forgot that. It simply is something that I stay true to and it is also something my clients and anyone I come in contact with appreciates!

HMM.  What makes you a POWERHOUSE?  What is the source of your strength?  

DOT.  I think what makes me a Powerhouse is knowing where my power source truly comes from – God!  I know that every gift, talent, skill, and ability I possess was given by the ultimate Gift-Giver, God.  I do not take that for granted and without Him, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.  I make sure to always be mindful of that and honor Him for giving me what I have.  My reverence to Him is the source of my strength.  

HMM.  We hear so many stories of how people get started, tell us how you began this journey on helping wives and marriages?   

DOT. I have always had a passion for women and marriages since I was younger in my Dad’s church helping my mother with our Women’s ministry. My mother truly is the biggest inspiration for how I began being passionate about marriage, she was the 1st Wise Wife in my life. My mother taught me everything about womanhood, wifehood, and motherhood at a very early age.  Wifehood has been and is a part of my DNA. The way I began helping wives and marriages is I use to do event planning and weddings. After the wedding(s), I would always get asked to help plan things for their marriages as well like (dates, trips, gift ideas).  I began to realize that I was the “go-to” person.  I then became engaged and I received a gift from my cousin at my Bridal Shower a book entitled “1001 Things Happy Couples Do”.  I skimmed it over and thought that this book would be awesome reading material on the beach on my honeymoon!  I took it and began to read it.  I soon became so excited about the content that I decided to do a book club. I did the book club, and not one person joined or bought the book.  While sitting in my peace space in prayer, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “it is not a book club, it’s a ministry’!!   This is how my organization “Healthy Relationships” came about.  I decided to become certified and I did in 2012, receiving my dual certification as a Christian Marriage Coach and Professional Life Coach.  Let’s just say the rest is history!

HMM.  If you could be remembered by one thing, what would that be? 

DOT.  I would love to be remembered as I was Passionate about loving and living!  

“In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path – Proverbs 3:6” 


HMM.  What advice would you offer to someone who is struggling in their marriage?

DOT.  The advice I would give to someone struggling in their marriage is encourage them to take a look at where their investments have been.  If you have invested very little into your marriage, you can not expect a return.  No investment, no return.  I would then ask: What has taken priority over the marriage?  A lot of struggles in marriages have a lot to do with mismanaged priorities and unspoken expectations.  I would then advise them to get back on track by taking a closer look at their priorities and start communicating expectations and needs. 

HMM. What and/or whom inspired you to start writing?

DOT.  My husband Darryl has called me a writer for years now.  I never thought I had it in me, but he never stopped encouraging me.  Also, my friend Lakia Brandenburg pushed me to step out on faith and do it.  I cannot thank them both enough!  One of my biggest inspirations is the Author, Stormie Omartin.  I love her heart for God, her husband and her passion exude in her writing.

HMM. Tell us about your new book out: “The Wise Wife – 30 Days of Prayer?”   Also, are you independently published?  Yes? No?  If no, please advise who are you published by.

DOT.   My new book is a journey through prayer and devotion helping wives and wives-to-be access their power through prayer.  It is 30 days of prayers, along with a place to journal your thoughts of the contents of your heart, as you are empowered through prayer.  This book helps every wife identify the power she possesses.  I am independently published, and my book can be purchased at

HMM.  What can we expect from you in the future

DOT.  You can expect in the future from me more books!!  I will do at least 3 more books.  I will continue to equip wives and wives-to-be how to create the marriages they truly desire.  I will still offer Wife Coaching.  I am also planning a Wives Retreat in the near future as well.