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Balancing Tips for Mompreneurs with Kids


Balancing Tips for Mompreneurs with Kids

mompreneurs with kids

Balancing work and motherhood is no mean feat. On the contrary, both of these tasks can be spectacular and overwhelming in their way. And when they come together, they make for a uniquely more complex struggle for moms.  

Unfortunately, there is no secret recipe for balancing your business and motherhood together. However, hundreds of thousands of women in the job market today aren’t only super moms but are also killing it with their business endeavors. Everest has been surpassed before, and while the challenge might be new and complicated for you, others have gone down that road and succeeded. 

Having worked and collaborated with several entrepreneurial mothers, we know they all have one thing to say: “I cannot choose between my kids and work. When I am on the job, I want to be around the kids. And when I am with the kids, I feel like I’m slacking at work.” But does that constant guilt stop them from excelling in both pursuits at the same time? No, it doesn’t! 

We understand that a straightforward balancing solution won’t work for all mompreneurs, but we have come up with a list of common themes we have noticed among all entrepreneurial mothers. So go through this article and find some balancing tips for mompreneurs with kids. 

Create a Priority-First Routine 

Entrepreneurial moms will agree with us when we discuss how difficult it can be to follow a fixed routine when you are a mom running your own business. Every task seems urgent when you have your kids at home. However, following a priority-based routine can help break down seemingly complex tasks into smaller manageable portions. 

Take some time out every morning to determine the tasks you should accomplish during the day. Then, prioritize functions based on urgency and do jobs that you consider urgent before others. This priority-based routine helps you manage the needs of both worlds – work and home – in an effective way. 

As an entrepreneur, you should also set dedicated time for individual tasks. For example, have some dedicated time set out for kids and also make some dedicated time for work when it’s required. Make sure there is no overlap between the two. 

Set Flexible Daily Goals 

We understand just how troublesome daily goals can be, but no entrepreneur achieved success without hard work. It would help if you primarily thought of categorizing your work tasks into four boxes: 

  • Things you don’t feel like doing but have to do
  • Things you don’t want to do and actually can live without doing
  • Things you want to do and also need to do
  • Things you want to do but don’t have to do

Break your daily routine into separate time slots and categories to include these different tasks. Then, make sure that you give appropriate time to each responsibility. 

Set Realistic Expectations 

With the strict routine of being a mompreneur already knocking on your head, the worst possible thing you can do to yourself is set unrealistic expectations. As an entrepreneur, you must accept that your business might not reach six figures in the first year of operations. After that, there might be a long struggle before you’re even able to break even. 

Also, make sure that you’re running your business in an industry you love to pieces and are proud to be a part of. But, conversely, you cannot sustainably be part of an industry that you do not find rewarding. Also, make an achievable roadmap for the future with strategic points to measure success and take some time out for the family. 

Get Better at Delegating Work 

The never-say-never attitude does sound pretty inspirational at first but can become extremely difficult to live up to. You must know that the most effective way for business owners to relieve stress is delegation of work. 

Many working moms tend to delegate work and pass on some of their responsibilities to people with more experience and better suited to handle them. If you do this at work, why should you not do the same at home as a mother? If your children are old enough to burden responsibilities, share some chores with them and see how they shoulder the challenge. 

You can also read a plan with your significant other to share responsibilities and chores at home. If your partner is understanding of your work, they wouldn’t mind chipping in here and there. Also, you might consider hiring a babysitter for the children or a maid to cook food if the work at home is getting a bit too much for you. 

Stay Healthy 

We’re appalled at how many mom entrepreneurs forget the importance of looking after their health while juggling between the responsibilities of motherhood and being an entrepreneur. Your health should always be a priority for you. This is why you should find ways to exercise more, stay healthy, eat well and reduce unnecessary stress. 

You might struggle with taking out some time for yourself, but remember that there will never be enough time in the day to do everything. Also, you can mix responsibilities by working out with your children. This is a creative way to interact and give time to the kids while looking after their physical health. 

When taking care of their family and running a business, most mompreneurs can forget about themselves. But how can you possibly take care of anyone else if you cannot take care of yourself? So instead, find your peace and satisfaction in whatever makes you happy and spend some quality time with your family. Everyone needs some ‘me time, and you will eventually learn how to fit them into your routine through the balancing tips in this article. 


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