Adults Who Stopped Dreaming

by Stefany J. Jones on Saturday, June 13, 2009, at 6:11 am

Every day that we can rise with a shelter over us, a belly that did not lay down to rest empty, and the love of children, family, and friends only a moment (or few steps) away, is a day for purposed living through loving ourselves and others. LIVE today with the expectation of doing great things and, in the process, watch your greatness.

I remember while growing up, especially during my pre-adolescent and even during my much troubled adolescent years, dreaming about what I wanted to be. There weren’t too many things I thought about becoming, but I can tell you that a RAPPER and MODEL were at the top of the list.

Those dreams were well before anyone named Tyra Banks and preceded any such opportunities as America’s Next Top Model. Being the daughter of two educators didn’t help because RAP was looked upon as nonsense, and my pursuit of it went no further than allowing the words to flow like water dripping on the page after page in composition notebook after notebook. So with no support of my parents for my new found hobby, I found myself cutting class at Tech just to sit in the lunchroom and rhyme with Gary and all those folks as we battled.

It’s funny now that I look back on it. My parents did the best they could with all they had and all they knew. I have always believed that it was for that reason, and that reason alone that I continually reinforce to my children to dream and dream big. But more than that, I always try to tell them to define themselves and don’t allow these external forces (like MTV and BET and TV period) to shape what you believe is in your heart to be, do and pursue.

Do you and remember that you are anyone you want to be doing everything you want to do from day one.