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7 Ways in Finding Your Spiritual Growth and Excellence

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Spiritual growth is the process of growing more mature in one’s connection with Jesus Christ. Someone who is evolving spiritually will become more and more like Christ. The spiritually mature will be able to “see good from evil” (Hebrews 5:14). Spiritual growth starts when a person comes to faith in Christ and should last until a person enters Christ’s presence after this life. Spiritual growth is the method of becoming more mature in one’s relationship with Jesus Christ. 

While the meaning of spirituality varies across religions and conviction frameworks, it may be depicted by discovering importance and reason throughout everyday life. Religion and otherworldliness are not perceived similarly. However, they frequently cover. Spirituality defines a lot more extensive comprehension of a person’s association with the extraordinary parts of life. They are looking for a significant association with an option that could be greater than yourself to expand positive feelings. 

Have you ever think how it would be like to practice this greatness every day? You can start from these eight ways:


Meditation is the period at which we tune in. To begin with, spend at least 5 minutes every day where you can sit comfortably and center your attention on your breathing, then ask the universe, “What do I need to know at present?”. During meditation, notice your thoughts. However, please make an effort not to draw in with them. Try not to stress over eliminating unwanted thoughts. Just let your thoughts pass by. If you find it hard to keep this practice, why not start a free 30 days meditation challenge that you can find on the internet. 


Prayer is when we ask for guidance. This is a beautiful and compelling way to call on your inner wisdom. Meditation is when we listen, and prayer is when we ask for guidance or affirmation. Both go hand in hand. The wonderful thing about prayer is that you can pray whenever, wherever. Pray before and after you sleep, at your desk before attending a big meeting, or on your car before driving—any time.”

Journal your thoughts.

How frequently have you perused a spiritual book and just skimmed over the activities, promising yourself you’d returned to them later? Did you at any point return to them? —DO. THE. Activities. They are there to assist you with releasing your inward direction and raise precisely what you need to chip away at. As far as I can tell, if you’re not accomplishing the genuine work, living out otherworldly ideas turns into much harder to live on an experiential level. Journaling assists you with archiving your journey and reconnect with the reality of your identity; the more profound you will go in your training, the more you will receive in return.

Take Care

Our bodies fill in as the holder for our mind and soul in this life. For your brain and soul to be working at ideal levels, you must keep your body functioning. This can mean various things for different individuals. Try not to yield to the most recent eating regimen pattern or go without gluten since every other person is doing it. Figure out how to tune in to your own body. Your body knows best, and if you tune in and tune in, with a bit of experimentation, you will track down the high-vibe way of life that is ideal for YOU.


Your breath is your life source. Make a promise to be more aware of your breath. Observe how you take in unpleasant minutes—are your breaths short and shallow? Or then again, would you say you are taking full, full breaths and permitting oxygen to course through your whole body? Working on taking full, full breaths is both mending and extraordinary. This will help your blood grow more highly oxygenated, which will, in turn, fuel your organs and nerve cells, encouraging you to think more clearly. As you exhale, your belly should contract inward.


Think, implore, and give up. This is the part where you unload control of the result and trust that life has your back and everything is turning out for your higher self. What I have come to discover is that when we genuinely give up our connection to an ideal result, things frequently turn out multiple times better compared to what we might have at any point imagined. When you give up on the more remarkable life energy inside you, you start to live in the stream. Put the high vibes out there, accomplish the work, and afterward believe that what is coming to you is totally, supernaturally great.

Focus on Yourself

Focus on yourself, but not in quite the way you might be imagining. This doesn’t mean buying new clothes or going to the salon. The focus should be on your inner self. Bitkoff says that to increase your spiritual growth, you need to grow your spirituality, and you can do this by giving 10 to 20 minutes per day to your inner journey. This spiritual journey can be made through different spiritual methods, including prayer, meditation, or journaling. Nancy Monson, a certified, licensed coach and spiritual guide recommends the spiritual discipline of breathing activities to increase your spiritual awareness, balance, and stillness.


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