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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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The Best eCommerce Business Tips for New Entrepreneurs

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Starting a successful eCommerce business online is no easy task. For the naked eye, it might seem a little less daunting than running a brick-and-mortar store or business, but the chances of success are just as slim. Though women entrepreneurs aren’t short of motivation and passion for starting their businesses, the idea might fail if they don’t implement the right tips and tricks.

eCommerce is an ever-changing industry, where tech updates significantly change the strategies and tips implemented by entrepreneurs. As the digital devices around us update, online stores must keep tabs on the progress and update their industry standards.

In this article, we look at some of the best eCommerce business tips for new entrepreneurs. These tips are timeless and will help keep your online store popular while boosting engagement and performance.

Leave a Decent First Impression

It takes about 2 seconds for a user to decide whether they like your website or not. And once they have chosen their perception, you won’t get a second chance to improve on that. To leave the right first impression, you need to be as creative as possible with your website design.

Branding plays an integral role in leaving a good first impression. The website design you go for should have color schemes that match your brand and don’t overlap your other marketing products. The site structure needs to flow smoothly, and the site shouldn’t take extra time to load when users first visit it. The right site structure gives you the leverage you need and helps you sell more to customers.

Additionally, you should limit the presence of content on your home page. We understand that as a new business, you’ve got a lot to tell your customers, but don’t stuff all of it on your home page. Content stuffing leads to eye fatigue and tires your audience out earlier than usual. Instead of stuffing content, try to maintain white spaces and give customers some relief.

Focus on Customers

The lack of tangibility is perhaps the biggest drawback of eCommerce stores. Customers cannot touch and feel the product they’re buying, hence their inability to make quick decisions. This is a significant problem with no imperative solution on the cards. It would help if you tried to make up for it through other business areas.

Focus on your customer and pull them in through other relevant strategies. One of the most important things that attract customers is reasonable pricing. The online world has made it easy for customers to see whether a product is being sold at the right price by an eCommerce seller. With a simple click of the mouse, they can browse other retailers online and find better deals.

So, if you’re charging more money on a product that is available for cheaper on other sites, you wouldn’t be able to capture consumer interest. Ensure that all of your practices keep the customer in mind and leverage the convenience on offer within eCommerce stores.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Webpage

A recent study has identified that an average netizen uses around 100 minutes of their day scrolling the internet through their mobile phone. A lot of these people research, find, and buy products through their mobile phones as well.

To attract and cater to this mobile audience, you must add smartphone responsiveness to your website. A website that is responsive to mobile users is easier to use. Most websites are typically made for desktop users, and the growing transition to mobile phones requires you to add mobile interfaces, which seamlessly adjust to a phone screen.

Smartphones are the future, and if you still haven’t jumped onto the bandwagon, you’re missing out on potential sales revenue. Go for a responsive web design that works flawlessly across platforms.

Be Present on Social Media

Several women eCommerce business owners focus on their eCommerce stores but forget the importance of social media. Social media is the most significant avenue for your eCommerce store to attract customers from the rest of the internet. You cannot seriously expect customers to walk into your online store virtually. eCommerce stores do not work on the model of foot traffic, where if you set up your store in a popular place, you’ll get good foot traffic without marketing the products.

Instead, you have to market promotions and discounts online on social media and make sure that internet users see your advertisements and are attracted to your store. The best way to do this is via social media. Direct your campaigns to the demographic your business targets and choose from the number of user-targeting metrics that social media apps like Facebook have in place.

Use Visuals

Recent research conducted by the 3M agency found that visuals have a 60,000 times better impact than text. Text is where the information lies, but visuals do a significant part of the hard work to pull customer attention through. Pictures stick to your customer’s memory, and using them makes you more prominent in their subconscious mind.


Finally, search engine optimization or SEO is your ladder to success as an eCommerce store. Start by targeting local customers through local SEO and then expanding your range to target more customers in your search areas. Customers search for information and products on search engines, and if you have aced your SEO game, you’ll pop up in the top few results.

Since your customers do not physically experience your eCommerce store, you must pull your game up on all other avenues to achieve better results. The tips in this article will help you develop better strategies for eCommerce business success.

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