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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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6 Steps to a Hot Press Release

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As all marketers reading our blog would agree, Press Releases sit near the top of the marketing tree. Press releases are an important medium to relay important corporate messages and keep stakeholders aligned with news from the organization. Even with social media becoming increasingly popular around us, we cannot undermine the efficiency of a press release and the impact it has.

A well drafted press release can help forward a cause, keep stakeholders updated and even tell a story. Smart marketers know just how a well created press release can take corporate communication to the next level and introduce a greater audience. Press releases also come with effective SEO benefits, which drive your social media forward.

Considering the benefits on offer, writing a good press release can take some time, skill and research. As a writer, you need to make sure that the press release you write throws the right impression forward and delivers the results you acquire. Fortunately, you can learn from the wisdom and techniques of other marketers before you to get the best results possible.

In this article, we look at some of the steps you can follow to write a hot press release. You can implement the steps below to get the results you require from your press release and drive results forward.

Start with a Great Headline

If you have done some sort of writing before, you will already know just how important it is for you to create a compelling headline. The headline sets the first impression and this is where you have to capture the reader’s attention.

Some tips to follow here include:

  • The headline should be based on a concept and not just the name of your brand.
  • Be creative with the headline you go for. The content within the heading should stand out.
  • Create multiple headings and test them all out to see which one stands out.

Create a Hook

When was the last time you had a chorus stuck in your head? Do you remember how catchy the hook was? The chorus was hard to shake off, and you cannot let go of the beats echoing around you. Just like it is with pop music, creating a great hook is key for a press release.

You will need time to unearth your hook or the strategy you use to gather reader interest for the press release. Take some time before you start your research for the press release. This time should be utilized for reading releases and blog posts from competitors in the industry, gathering information about other releases in the market and learning from posts that have received coverage elsewhere. The successes of other marketers and industry competitors can go a long way in actually helping you reach your audience.

Creating good hooks can engage your audience and can make them read more of what is to come. The more interesting and engaging your hook is, the better it is for the success of your press release. The primary audience for your press release consists of journalists, which is why the message should be prepared with them in mind.

Avoid Unnecessary Jargons

Carrying on from where we left above, your press release is meant for journalists, which is why you should avoid technical verbiage and jargons. Jargons may be relevant to a few, but will be hard to understand for journalists, which is why you should keep the tone simple and easy to understand for all.

You should also try to engage new readers who aren’t well versed with your industry standards as of yet. Keep the tone simple and make sure you engage users during the content.


There is nothing that kills the credibility of your brand and that of your press release more than errors in the grammar and spelling of your press release. It is always good to write your press release in a word processing document. Most word documents will alert you once you mistype a word or make a basic error.

You can also run your press release through online tools such as Grammarly for better proofreading and editing. The tool will make sure that all errors are cleared during the proofreading process. Proofreading does, however, require more time, which is why you should keep extra time for this activity.

Provide Resources

We look in a growing world, which is why your press release shouldn’t just target one dimension. Make sure that you provide added value to all readers in the form of photos, links, sourcing materials, videos and much more. The news you are trying to report should be supported with all other resources required to make a complete package.

We live in a digitalized world, which is why the resources you add to your press release should be ready for the web and should be in the right format. It should be easy for publishers to post your press release.

Share the News

Once you have created the content you wanted for your press release, you need to share it across the news. The traction you expect to achieve from the press release will only come through if you identify the accurate avenues for sharing the news. You should always keep your audience in mind to avoid unnecessary errors. You can also add links to your social media in your press release, so that you are sure people are reverting back to you at the end of the release.

You should always keep your audience in mind while creating a good press release. Complement your industry knowledge and experience with the 6 steps we have mentioned here to publish a hot press release.



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