Will a Belly Button Ring Lead My Daughter to More Piercings?


Belly button rings are rising in fame with young girls. Not everyone prefers this, particularly not parents. Are bellybutton piercings that wrong, and will they encourage more of the same?

Getting your navel pierced to wear belly button rings is safer than it has ever been. Most tattoo studios offer body piercing of many kinds along with their fantastic alternatives for body artwork. These studios are normally state-regulated so that you can be guaranteed the team are specialists and the devices they use are sterilized and secure. Even though most countries forbid body piercing or tattoos for those below 18, some will recognize the fashion on those younger as long as the parent approves. Still, there are a great number of causes for a parent to balance in giving their support.

A bellybutton piercing is best served by an expert and demands careful aftercare to avoid contamination. If your teenager does not follow good sanitation in all areas of her life, she may not be able for this level. The healing process for this method can take up to a year, so she has to be reliable and responsible for waiting before she leaps into the kind of belly button rings possible to her. And we all know perseverance is tough when you are young.

As a parent, you may question if this first feeling of body jewelry will inspire her to branch out to other areas. It is difficult to tell, but you should consider it before you give your approval. How would you respond if your child pierced her eyebrow or nose, or lips? Will she stay at the belly button rings?

There appears to be no boundary to places people will pierce, and once your child is out on her own, you can’t manage what she takes. You may choose that making her go through this one belly button rings method while still below your roof is a great idea. You can support her through the pain and healing process to make healthy decisions later, on her own, about belly button rings and everything else.