purpose of communication

Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus! Both ‘species’ are different in many ways and interact with the world through a completely different lens. To learn the distinctions in how men and women communicate with the world, having a clear understanding of how they communicate is crucial.

How Men Communicate

Men communicate directly and often believe that the purpose of communication is to have a clear and purposeful objective. These objectives can include solving a problem, delivering a message, making an opinion known, or only delivering a point that needs to be made.

The purpose of communication is to be as efficient as possible and address the root of a problem as fast as possible.

How Women Communicate

However, women communicate differently with different intentions. Women understand communication as a means to bond with the people around them, as a way to see her ideas and feelings (while she talks), and as a way to establish relationships through acts of compassion. Speaking is a women’s way of manifesting solidarity and building affection. It is also a way of clearing the negative pressure and feelings in her.

Why This Matters

The distinction between how each gender communicates is therefore crucial in embracing the differences between both genders. To a woman, the opportunity to speak and bond with her partner is more important than solving a specific problem.

Unfortunately, when women ‘complain’ to men in the context of a relationship, many men might have the mistaken belief that she wants him to help her solve her problems for her and began unleashing a discourse on problem analysis and solutions. Then they are caught off-guard when the women of their life complained, “You don’t love me enough.” This happens because, to a woman, she expects her man to show his love by listening intently to her speech and display solidarity and intimacy by sharing in her emotions. She will not look for a solution unless her emotional state has been acknowledged.


By understanding this distinction, men can learn to listen more and talk less and only offer their solutions when she requested it. Conversely, women can also begin to appreciate the man of her life when she understands that her counterpart from Mars conveys his love when trying to help her solve her problems. Such awareness will do wonders between both genders, leading to world peace.