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Sunday, August 14, 2022
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Where Beauty and Self Health Collide

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When was the last time you sat on an airplane? Was it fairly recent? Do you remember the pre-flight announcement from the host and hostesses? The general gist of the announcement is that each person is responsible for themselves. In the case of an emergency, you are required or rather requested to put your own life support mask on first. Only when you have put on your own mask can you move to help others. 

The same principles apply in your daily life as well. You can only help others if you follow the principles of self-care and set your own health standards. Unlike popular belief, self-care isn’t just restricted to eating right or caring about your mental health. However, self-health includes a lot more. It includes your hair care routine; your skin care protocols and a lot of other things. 

Self-care does collide and intersect with beauty at some points and we discuss them in this article. Stay with us as we look at instances where self-health collides with beauty and tell you tips on how to maintain both for a healthy and better life. 

Have a Bath Over a Shower 

Nine times out of ten, all of us may be tempted into a shower over a bath. However, if you were to consider your self-health and beauty into perspective, it is better for you to get a bath over a shower. 

Baths can be a good way to relax for a while, as you grab some bath salts, dim the lights down a bit and light up a few candles around you. You can also get your favorite book to read along as well, to make the most out of the time that you are spending inside of the bath. 

Detox Scalp

Many of us have made it a norm to regularly condition our hair and use shampoo on top of it to make sure we have free flowing strands all the time. However, this routine can further be improved with some scalp detox as well. 

You can take your self-health and beauty routine forward with scalp detoxes, as they help give you the freshness and the radiance you need from your hair.

Most scalp detox products come with nourishing extracts inside them and can help reduce buildup on your scalp. 

You can gently massage your shampoo on top of your wet hair and make sure that it reaches the scalp. Once you are done with this, you can wash your hair with lukewarm water. Make sure you follow the first process with some conditioner on your hair so that the scalp is fully detoxed and there is no buildup remaining on top of it. 

Massage Skin with a Jade Roller 

There is no self-health and beauty routine better than massaging your skin with a jade roller. A jade roller is the ultimate tool for helping combat saggy skin and giving your skin the radiance and the fresh glow that you want so much. 

The jade roller can be used across your face and the rest of your skin to help stimulate the flow of blood and to give a smooth look to your skin. You can use the broader end of the jade roller and rub it against your jawline, forehead and your cheeks in an upward motion to get the best results. You can use the shorter side on your nose bride and under your eyes. You can put your jade roller in the fridge for a while before you use it to get the best results. 

Give Yourself a Routine Facial 

DIY Facials can be a good way to up your self-health routine. DIY facials can help you save money on facials without compromising on the results in any way. With the perfect skin care products available to you, you can put an end to expensive visits to the salon. 

Self-health and beauty routines can be used in one go to make sure that you stay healthy and also look good in the process. We hope the steps mentioned in this article are helpful and prove useful in the process. 

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