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Fearless Faith is having entire faith in someone or something, regardless of the circumstances. It isn’t about hoping for something to happen; instead, it is about knowing that something will happen because you think it will. Your faith determines your whole attitude on life, and it provides motivates the young. You will never have anything to aim for if you lack faith. It affects every aspect of life, including religion, family, relationships, and even sports. Faith is the only thing that gives you a sense of direction.

How you view your fearless faith determines life. Faith may make your entire outlook on things positive if you have it; however, if you don’t have it, your view will be clouded by negativity. It assists you in achieving any objective you set for yourself. You will succeed if you believe you can do something. Conversely, if you don’t believe in yourself, you’ll never achieve your objectives. If you didn’t have it, you wouldn’t have anything to look forward to, and life would be a never-ending bore.

Turn your gaze up when you’re overwhelmed by the amount of misery around you. Examine your spiritual well-being and make sure you’re spending time in God’s word to center yourself and direct your attention where it belongs. Take care of your physical well-being, and don’t be hesitant to seek expert help if necessary. Because your hope comes from somewhere other than this world, you’ll soon discover that you can weather the hardships of today’s life with calm and hope. For you to start, here are some of the things that you can do:

1. Say the Rosary a few times.
Mary is our Mother, and she walks alongside us as we experience the joys and sorrows of life. She is the ideal follower, and she has walked alongside us and remained loyal. She has also been a follower of Christ for the majority of her life. She is the only one who can assist us in learning about her Son. The Rosary gives us an inside view of Christ’s life via Mary, and as we pray for her intercession, her Son grants us the grace we need to be loyal disciples of Christ. If you’re having trouble learning how to pray the Rosary, check when we recite it as a Parish or read these instructions.

2. Join a decent Catholic community or, at the very least, make a few excellent Catholic friends support you.
We require a sense of belonging. It is for this reason that Jesus assembled His 12 Apostles and sent them out in pairs when He sent them out. Being alone is not beneficial for us, especially as we attempt to be disciples in a modern culture that lives in such opposition to the Gospel. Find a community or ministry at St. Katharine Drexel (SKD) or make some lovely Catholic friends by reaching out. At SKD, you’ll always have a place.

3. Find a method to contribute to the Parish as a volunteer.
There are numerous ways to serve in the Parish, and look for yours!

4. Develop a spirit of gratitude.
Every day, thank the Lord for three things. A grateful heart destroys bitterness and allows us to understand that all we have is truly a gift from God. We must bless the Lord’s name whether He gives or takes away. It also enables us to see what God desires for our lives.

5. Once a month, go to Confession.
You must confess your sins frequently if you want your faith to improve. This massive act of humility can try our strength, but this is just where the Lord wants to perform his best work, chipping away at what isn’t required. Every saint in the Church’s history frequented this sacrament of mercy. Because it reminds us that, despite our broken and sinful nature, we are absolutely and loved.

6. Attend Mass on Sundays.
The call to obey the teachings of Jesus Christ, “Do this in memory of me,” is at the heart of Christian worship. And our hearts are brought back to the source of life itself every time Jesus Christ’s sacrifice is repeated, as we experience the same sacrifice He made 2,000 years ago. Receiving Jesus Christ’s Body and Blood at Mass reconciles our hearts to God and sanctifies us.

7. Pray for 5 minutes every day.
Our Lord Jesus Christ took on flesh to restore our relationship with the Father. Spending time with the other is an integral part of every relationship, and prayer is a way of spending time with tor to fall in love with the One who created us and is loved by the One who has always loved us. We will always be hungry for more if we spend at least 5 minutes each day in prayer. Begin and see what occurs.

8. Pick up a good book and read it.
We need to feed our brains with God’s goodness and the saints’ witness. Even 10 minutes of reading every day can make a big difference. If you’re looking for books, whether it’s a saint’s life or a work of Catholic apologetics, you may always go to your favorite bookstore.

9. Every day, read the Daily Mass readings.
Immersion in the world of Scripture and, more significantly, prayer is the only way to discover God’s will to live with Christ to see things as He sees them. The Bible transforms our ability to see God and know how to follow and love Him in a unique way. You can find the Daily Mass readings over the internet, or you can use an app like IBreviary, order a beautiful monthly missal like Magnificat, or purchase the Daily Missal. There are numerous options!

10. Every day, perform one act of mercy.
The Church has given us spiritual and bodily deeds of mercy to give life to the Gospel message so that everyone may know God’s love and kindness. As we perform acts of understanding, the Lord works His mercy on us, transforming us into the image of His Son Jesus.

Many people have found that strong faith in God has helped them get through their darkest times. Unbelievers may find it ludicrous, but those who have witnessed God’s miracles and grace would not hesitate to proclaim that their God is accurate and robust.

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