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This is the monthly program designed to give you access to what you need as it relates to growing your eCommerce Marketing Systems, Solutions and $ales. It is completely about the automation components of your business. Get behind the scenes access to the systems I put and have in place, to make my work-life balance exactly what I need it to be. Get first looks on SAAS (software as a service) and plugins that you can use on your site so that you are working smarter and not harder. Get my two cents on products that I have tried and think are worth it in the long run to use, and those that really didn’t work that well for me but may still work for you. Get an inside look on how I automate my business and websites and how you can do the same with the click of a button.

Life is all about relationships. Sometimes in order to change what’s going on in your business and transactions, you have to change what’s going on in your life (and yes sometimes your relationships with others). Once you make the move to change your NOW and what’s going on around you, EVERYTHING in your life will begin to change and your business will begin to shift. As within, so without.


10 Ways to Change Everything In Your Life Starting Today!

Decide that you are ready, willing, and want to change.
Define your vision by writing everything you see and want for your life.
Modify the vision into a goals list starting with the easiest thing to accomplish first.
Create a calendar timeline for the items on the list and modify them as tasks.
Create a daily schedule of your normal routine and make space for time to task what’s on your goals list.
Schedule time for daily meditation & prayer.(I usually start my days with meditation and thanksgiving and end the evening with the same).
Make a list of all the things you need to forgive and people you need to forgive.
Create a new budget and follow the model above. (Write your the financial vision and desire you have for your life, modify into a list, create a calendar timeline for the items on the list and modify them to tasks, and integrate into your routine).
Create a wellness plan and follow the model.(Vision, List, Chart, Schedule).
Do mirror work and something nice for yourself, a family member, friend, or stranger every day. (Mirror work is looking in the mirror and making affirmations and/or declarations about the love you have for yourself, your life, your circle, community, etc..)