1) Not having car insurance (obviously)

2) Driving long distances in front of various road camera contraptions

3) Driving in general

4) Crashing your car into a stationary object

5) Crashing your car into a moving object

6) Putting fluffy dice in your car (always a mistake)

7) Getting crashed into

8) Putting scented pine tree-shaped air fresheners in your vehicle (see fuzzy dice)

9) Parking in dodgy areas (crime)

10) Parking in respectable areas (tickets)

11) Forgetting to put the handbrake on in exiting the vehicle on a slope

12) Drag racing in the family wagon

13) Showing off to your mates by doing donuts in Morrison’s car park

You may think that having car insurance is an obvious step if you have a car, but unbelievably, some crazy people still seem willing to take the risk of not insuring their vehicles for use on the road. If you do not own car insurance, you are at a much higher risk of financial damage than you fork out for protection.

Your quote for the year can seem a daunting amount to pay, but if you examine the risks you take driving without insurance, this amount is relatively small.

It is irresponsible to yourself and others if you drive without insurance. If you cause an accident, it does not matter if you did not mean to do it because you can still be taken to court and severely punished for driving without insurance. Also, don’t expect that you’ll be harmless just because you are not driving your car. If you do not declare your vehicle officially off the road, you could be shocked. The law constitutes that you must have insurance to drive a car, covering more comprehensive activities than just driving it. This suggests that even if your car is parked or stationary or left for repair, if it is on a road or public place, you could break the law.

There are plenty of competitive rates for car insurance nowadays, and unlike just a few years ago, you don’t have to spend weeks researching them all. You don’t have to spend ages looking at adverts in the back sections of the paper or phoning up countless companies from the yellow pages to see who can give you the best quote. There are plenty of review websites on the internet that searches hundreds of online and well-known insurance companies to come up with the best option for you, so there is no excuse not to find the cheapest and most inclusive deals.

There is something for everyone out there. Regardless of your gender, have just passed your test or been driving for twenty years with no claims; there will be something out there for you. Car insurance is something that unlike fluffy dice and pine air fresheners, it would be a crime to live without.