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Cosmetic Procedure

Should You Tell Others about a Cosmetic Procedure?

If you’re undergoing cosmetic surgery, you may be wondering whether or not to tell other people. Eventually, it is up to you whether you want other people to know or not. However, there are some things worth considering before making a decision.

Here are the main things to think about when deciding whether you should tell others about a cosmetic procedure.

Do I Need to Tell Other People?

Whether you choose to tell other people or not is entirely your decision. Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice, and it’s down to you who you mean about the treatment. 

Due to how natural the results are from today’s cosmetic surgery methods, the work you have done won’t necessarily be easily identified. You’ll look different, but it won’t be obvious that surgery was the reason for the change. This allows you to keep the procedure as secret as you want it to be. 

Why Might It Be Useful to Tell Others?

There are times where telling other people about the surgery can be useful. For example, all types of surgery require some level of downtime. This can be weeks for specific procedures. During this time, you may need help with daily tasks. So, having somebody you can trust there to look after you, particularly during the first few days after surgery, is a good idea. 

As the results tend to be natural, others may not notice the changes you have had. So, if you want to receive compliments on your new look, you may need to let them know what you’re having done in advance. 

How to Cope with People’s Reactions

When you do tell people about your surgery, there are several ways they could react. Ideally, they will be supportive and accept your choice. However, some may not agree and could respond in a negative way to the surgery. So, how can you cope with people’s reactions if you do choose to tell them?

If you have a lot of bruising or swelling after the procedure, others could comment on how you look. This means you’ll need to have thick skin until the bruising and swelling have gone down. 

If people criticize you or disagree with the surgery, remember it is just their opinion. Nobody has the right to tell you how to treat your body. Not everyone will agree with your decision, and that’s OK. 

What If You Don’t Tell and They Notice It Anyway?

If you decide not to tell others, but you are asked outright whether you have had work done, what should you say? Well, you could accept it as a compliment and coyly state you’ll never tell. Or you could admit it. 

These days, having cosmetic surgery is much more accepted in society. So, you don’t need to be ashamed of going under the knife. Whether or not you tell people is your choice, just like it is your body. If you do face adverse reactions, brush them off and remember it’s nobody else’s business.