While some people have fulfilling relationships, some people are exactly the opposite. In this case, someone could see that they manage to end up with somebody who is not right.

A Mismatch

It is not to say that they will mistreat them; what it comes down to is that they will not be on the same page. They may find instances when someone looks right or has the level of intelligence they desire.

But although they have these attributes and many others, there is always going to be missing. If they were to think about each character personally, they might be able to say what it was or find that this is not always attainable.

The Right Track

When one is accustom to having a fulfilling relationship, there is the chance that they are currently in one. It can then mean that there will be no reason for them to consume too much time remembering about this area of their life.

If they are not with someone by chance, they will know that they can attract someone right for them. It could just take several trivial changes.

For Instance

The reason their previous relationships ended may be due to the distance, or perhaps only one of them wanted kids. Consequently, it had to end, or it would have only resulted in problems.

One could then desire to meet someone like their ex, but who will not be moving away. Or may want to meet someone who does/doesn’t want children, for instance.

The Wrong Track

On the other hand, when one is unaware of how to be with someone fit for them, this could be something that will take their life. They might waste a lot of time thinking about what is going on, thinking that this will not change.

If they are comparatively young, it might be more comfortable to manage what is taking place; they could think that it will change as they mature. But if they have continued past this point, it could be a lot more difficult for them to sit back and see what transpires.

Time Is Important

There could be a sense of importance within them, causing them to search for answers. When it occurs to how they think about what is taking place, they could feel failure, frustrations, and also a feeling of hopelessness from time to time.

They may even question if they have what it takes to attract the right person, showing that their confidence has been affected. Still, one could acknowledge how they feel and realize that it will be healthy for them to feel this way.

Moving Forward

However, if they can reach out for the right support, there is a strong chance that their circumstances will soon change. It doesn’t have to happen overnight, but it will eventually happen if it will continue.

And in the supplement to what they do, it will also be essential for them to to trust their life direction. One will then utilize their masculine and feminine aspects, showing that they are operating as human beings.

Different Experience

On the opposite side of the rainbow, are we going to be people who remain in an abusive relationship? When they are with someone like this, their life is likely to be living hell.

If not mistreating them, they could be thinking about what they can do to get away from them. It could be easier said than done, though, as the partner may have gradually worn them down.

Enough Is Enough

Nevertheless, the time will come when they can get away from them, which will be a significant relief. Hopefully, it might no longer need to see or hear from the person over, either.

Despite everything, this doesn’t suggest that they will be capable of carrying on with the rest of their life, as they could be horrible in the end. They could feel completely worthless, and they might not want to be seen by others, let alone go near them.


If they have been with someone who has abused them, it is how they would expect to feel. If a fresh apple is put into a box of rotten apples, it would only be a matter of time before it ends up being the same as the others.

But while it is not going to be possible to change what has happened to the apple, this will not be the case when one has spent a lot of time around someone toxic. Regardless of what has taken place, they can gradually begin to change how they feel about themselves.

Changing Course

If one doesn’t take the time to do this, they could soon end up in the same position. Having said that, if one has been in several abusive relationships, this could be something familiar.

It will then be vital for them to reach out for the right support to end what is taking place. As if one has the propensity to end up with people like this, they are not merely unlucky.


They might not be aware of why they attract people like this but should take a more in-depth look into what is taking place within them; they might soon find out. It is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist.